Hair Loss and Hair Follicle Simulation

Hair Loss and Hair Follicle Simulation – how Hair Follicle Simulation can help with hair loss!

Get the must-have treatment to conceal baldness. HFS or Hair Follicle Simulation, is very effective at camouflaging hair loss.

HFS is short for Hair Follicle Simulation but what does this actually mean?

HFS or Hair Follicle Simulation is the process of implanting tiny particles of specially formulated scalp pigment just underneath the skin to simulate (copy) the hair follicles and the look of short-cropped hair.   A uniquely designed HFS roller containing multiple treatment spikes treats the desired area. Special semi-permanent scalp pigments are used, which come in many different colours, from dark blonde to pure black; we even have white for that salt-and-pepper effect look. Each is mixed and bespoke to each client to match the individual’s hair colour at the base of the hair follicle.  The huge advantage to both the HFS technician and the client is the time the HFS roller system saves compared to the single-needle hair simulation usually used for micropigmentation. When treating the entire head, this will take 7-8 hours with a single needle micropigmentation method, whilst HFS Hair Follicle Simulation system will take just 2 hours. This reduces the technician’s treatment time and, more importantly, the client’s time with possible associated discomfort. Workflow is more manageable with more treatments able to be performed in a day, and treatment costs are reduced as less time is required.   A maximum of 3 treatments should be needed for a complete finished look, and these are done 4 weeks apart to enable complete healing between treatments. The treatment, once complete, will last anything from 2-5 years, depending on exposure to UV rays. We recommend a top-up every 18 months to keep the pigment looking fresh.   Added benefits – Hair Follicle Simulation has been known to stimulate hair growth in areas of the scalp where live hair follicles are present. This is as a result of HFS being very similar to the process known as Meso Therapy. However, it is important to emphasise if the hair follicle is dead, hair stimulation is not possible.  

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