Hair Follicle Simulation Master Class

Hair Follicle Simulation Master Class

Candice Watson attends Hair Follicle Simulation master class in Athens, Greece.

Candice Watson, the founding partner of Exclusive Beauty and micropigmentation specialist, recently travelled to Athens for a private master class with the HFS Hair Follicle Simulation guru himself, Mr Moshe Alul.

The amazing and revolutionary new hair follicle simulation (and hair regrowth stimulation) system has been designed for anyone, male or female, who is suffering from hair loss and baldness.

The technique involves using a specially designed roller housing multiple micro blades powered by a unique micropigmentation machine that implants bespoke hair follicle-coloured pigments into the scalp. Applying pigment can be adjusted to achieve a subtle overall density of hair follicles through to heavy density to cover the scalp.

HFS Hair Follicle Simulation is not a new procedure; however, how HFS applies the pigment is. We at Exclusive Beauty have performed a very similar treatment through our medical micropigmentation treatments to combat and treat hair loss. In this previous process, a single needle was used to mimic individual hair follicles by hand.  This technique was very effective but very time-consuming and costly. Extra care was also required to give an even result.

With the new HFS Hair Follicle Simulation system, you can now cover a full head in less than 2 hours! An even and natural look can easily be obtained with much less downtime and affect on your day. In most cases, only 1-2 sessions are required, and the effect will last up to 3 years.

The HFS system also works extremely well in conjunction with hair transplants, giving a fuller and more natural look.

Exclusive Beauty is always pushing to develop new products and services in the Middle East beauty industry. Candice Watson herself endeavours to always offer the best and latest services. By attending this master class, Candice is ensuring she is current with current trends and that her Hair Follicle Simulation and micropigmentation techniques and skills are advanced.

Due to Candice’s finely honed knowledge and skills, she recently performed HFS for VIP clients around the world and is in the process of expanding Exclusive Beauty’s services throughout the Middle East.

Candice Watson is available to perform HFS Hair Follicle Simulation. Please email for more details.

Are you a salon or spa owner, or are you looking for the latest system to increase revenue? The HFS system is available to buy through Exclusive Beauty; please contact us should you require further details.

Exclusive Aesthetic is part of Exclusive Beauty, the Harley Street Specialists, offering permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation treatments. Exclusive Beauty also supplies market-leading beauty systems to the Middle East.

HFS Hair Follicle Simulation

HFS Hair Follicle Simulation

Hair Follicle Simulation is a great way to conceal hair loss and camouflage bald patches and redefines hairlines by implanting pigment to mimic hair follicles at the scalp level.

Covering the skin in tiny dots gives the impression of a full head of hair. Because the simulated follicles are below the hairline, it is very difficult to see the simulated hair follicles and the actual hair follicles.

Mimicking hair follicles by applying pigment has been around for quite some time. This old procedure is known as medical micropigmentation and uses single needles to insert pigment as individual hair follicles. This process often takes a lot longer. A special treatment head was developed for Hair Follicle Simulation to speed up the pigment implantation process. Instead of a single needle to implant the pigment, an HFS roller applies multiple spots of pigment in one pass. By alternating the direction of the roller a random spot effect is produced, very much the same as random hair follicles.

HFS revolutionised how specialists apply pigment to the scalp. Treatment times are greatly reduced, the amount of discomfort is reduced and the effects are extremely natural-looking.

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Micropigmentation treatments to the highest industry standards

We are expert micropigmentation specialists providing micropigmentation treatments to the highest industry standards. Our cosmetic and medical procedures are performed to the strictest health, safety and hygiene requirements and adhere to the latest COVID-19 guidelines ensuring our clients are as safe as possible.

See more details on HFS system HERE.

Hair Loss and Hair Follicle Simulation

Hair Loss and Hair Follicle Simulation – how Hair Follicle Simulation can help with hair loss!

Get the must-have treatment to conceal baldness. HFS or Hair Follicle Simulation, is very effective at camouflaging hair loss.

HFS is short for Hair Follicle Simulation but what does this actually mean?

HFS or Hair Follicle Simulation is the process of implanting tiny particles of specially formulated scalp pigment just underneath the skin to simulate (copy) the hair follicles and the look of short-cropped hair.   A uniquely designed HFS roller containing multiple treatment spikes treats the desired area. Special semi-permanent scalp pigments are used, which come in many different colours, from dark blonde to pure black; we even have white for that salt-and-pepper effect look. Each is mixed and bespoke to each client to match the individual’s hair colour at the base of the hair follicle.  The huge advantage to both the HFS technician and the client is the time the HFS roller system saves compared to the single-needle hair simulation usually used for micropigmentation. When treating the entire head, this will take 7-8 hours with a single needle micropigmentation method, whilst HFS Hair Follicle Simulation system will take just 2 hours. This reduces the technician’s treatment time and, more importantly, the client’s time with possible associated discomfort. Workflow is more manageable with more treatments able to be performed in a day, and treatment costs are reduced as less time is required.   A maximum of 3 treatments should be needed for a complete finished look, and these are done 4 weeks apart to enable complete healing between treatments. The treatment, once complete, will last anything from 2-5 years, depending on exposure to UV rays. We recommend a top-up every 18 months to keep the pigment looking fresh.   Added benefits – Hair Follicle Simulation has been known to stimulate hair growth in areas of the scalp where live hair follicles are present. This is as a result of HFS being very similar to the process known as Meso Therapy. However, it is important to emphasise if the hair follicle is dead, hair stimulation is not possible.  

For more information or to make an appointment, please email   Exclusive Aesthetic is part of Exclusive Beauty, the Harley Street Specialists to the Middle East.  

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