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Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup uses a process called micropigmentation to implant pigments into the skin to mimic makeup. Treatments consist of 2 – 4 applications depending on the area allowing the pigment to implant correctly and ensuring a semi permanent makeup treatment last for years and not months.

Semi Permanent Makeup is very popular in the Middle East. Semi permanent makeup does not smudge or run and is ideal for women wanting to look their best regardless of heat or humidity. Treatments include eyebrow, eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, lip line, lip blush and full lip colour.

Exclusive Aesthetic use professional micropigmentation machines and equipment to implant non-permanent pigment into the Epidermis layer (upper layer) of the skin. The pigment depth is critical and directly relates to the amount of time the pigment will stay in the skin. Too deep and chances are you will get a permanent tattoo.

Implanting pigments into the upper layer of skin allows the pigment to be naturally expelled from the skin over a period of time. Micropigmentation systems allow the specialist to adjust the depth on the needle. This is one of the reasons why a highly trained specialist should be sort to perform a semi permanent makeup treatment.

In the Middle East, where the sun is strong, treatments usually last for 2 – 3 years. In cooler parts of the world, semi permanent makeup can last for up to 5 years, with the same micropigmentation systems and pigments. The time pigments stay in the skin is directly affected by exposure to the sun and UV rays. We recommend a top up every 18 months to keep the pigment looking fresh.

Available Procedures

Ultimate Micropigmentation for Eyes by Exclusive Aesthetic Dubai UAE

Eyelash Enhancement

We call Eyelash Enhancement an introduction to semi permanent makeup. Semi permanent make up pigment is applied to the tiny gaps between the lashes creating a solid lash line. A very subtle way to emphasise the eyes.


Make the most of your eyes with micropigmentation. Several looks of eyeliner available which are smudge free and always perfect. Looks can be subtle or dramatic and can greatly enhance the appearance of the eye.


Our eyebrow treatments are very popular and perfect for anyone who requires emphasis of the brows. The time saved not having to pencil every day is worth the treatment cost alone! If you have no brow hair or sparse brows due to over plucking the difference balanced brows can make is amazing. Eyebrow procedures available: Natural Hairstoke, Dusting & Block.

Ultimate Micropigmentation for Lips by Exclusive Aesthetic Dubai UAE

Lip Contour Line

Redefine the shape of your lips! Over time lips lose their shape and by applying a carefully contoured line sympathetic to your natural lip line, a very natural look can be achieved.

Full Lip Colour

For a truly subtle and beautiful cosmetic effect. Semi permanent makeup is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and colour of your lips. With skilled application, lips can look fuller and more shapely. Redefine your lips in only one treatment!

Lip Blush

Our lip blush semi permanent make up treatment is ideal if a more subtle colour is required. The process is the same as Lip Colour however more subtle pigments are applied using a dusting needle. This gives more of a wash of colour.

What you should know

Below is a list of points we feel are necessary to inform you correctly to help you make the right decision regarding semi permanent  makeup for lips:
  1. Lip tattoos take between 3 and 10 days to heal depending on the size of the treatment and your skins natural healing process.
  2. You need not take time off work following the procedure. Any swelling or slight pain will disappear within a few hours.
  3. The colour intensity will fade up to 40-60% after the first treatment which is why we recommend a top up no less than 4 weeks later.
  4. The treatment is not painful. Most of our clients reporting only minor discomfort.
  5. Full consultation is performed before treatment. Treatments are performed by Candice Watson, International Micropigmentation Specialist.
  6. Clients who have suffered from cold sores (Herpes virus – Herpes simplex) can experience symptoms of the infection after the treatment to the lips. Anti-herpes medication is available over the counter or on prescription and has been shown to prevent or minimise such outbreaks, we recommend a course of this both before and after your treatment.
  7. After the procedure Lips may appear very flaky/crusty for up to one week.
  8. You may require up to 3 sessions to complete your treatment. All top up sessions are included in our price so there are no hidden extras!

Please note if you suffer from cold sores you should take a course of anti-virals prior to a lip treatment.

Who can benefit?

With our range of different looks everyone can benefit from smudge free semi permanent lip makeup. Semi permanent lips are suitable for:

  • Anyone with unsteady hands making applying makeup difficult.
  • Anyone short sighted.
  • For people on the go with no time for applying makeup but feel more confident wearing makeup.
  • Anyone who is allergic to makeup or have a sensitivity to makeup.

Consultations & Appointments

From 1st September 2016, Consultations and appointments will require a deposit payment which will be deducted from the treatment cost. Consultations take about 15 minutes, procedure appointments are 1 hour.

All treatments are performed at The London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) in Healthcare City, Dubai. LCAS is a medical clinic adhering to the highest hygiene and health and safety standards.

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