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Treatments and Training To The Highest Industry Standards

Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai – Perfect Makeup Lasting 2 to 3 Years

Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai treatments are performed by Candice Watson, an international micropigmentation expert with over 35 years of experience, so you are in expert hands.

All Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai procedures are performed to the strictest medical standards and meet the Dubai Municipality and the Ministry of Health regulations.

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We apply pigment to the brows, eyeliner, lip line and lip blush for perfect, hassle-free makeup


    Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai uses micropigmentation to implant pigments into the eyebrows, eyelids, and lips to enhance natural beauty. A handheld device with a needle nib implants pigment into the skin’s upper dermal layer at an exact, non-permanent depth.

    Semi permanent makeup treatments:

    • Eyebrows – to enhance and define
    • Eyeliner – adding pigment to the top and bottom eyelids that is always smudge-free
    • Eyelash Enhancement – a very subtle fill of colour between the lash roots
    • Lip Line – to define the lip line
    • Lip Blush – we add a delicate wash of colour to the lips
    • Full Lip Colour – We add colours like the look of lipstick.

    Semi permanent makeup treatments usually consist of 2 sessions depending on the area (3 treatment sessions for some lip procedures). Multiple treatments are required, so the pigment implants correctly ensure our semi-permanent makeup procedures last for years and not months.


    Eyebrows – Achieve perfect brows!

    Semi Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows - Before and After. Exclusive Aesthetic, Micropigmentation Experts, Dubai Middle East.

    More definition and symmetry

    The time saved by not having to pencil daily is worth the treatment cost alone! 

    Our eyebrow treatments are perfect for anyone requiring an emphasis on the brows. If you have no brow hair or sparse brows due to over-plucking, the difference balanced brows can make is fantastic.


    Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement

    Semi Permanent Makeup for Eyeliner - Before and After. Exclusive Aesthetic, Micropigmentation Experts, Dubai Middle East.

    Smudge-free Eyeliner – Always perfect!

    Make the most of your eyes with our Semi Permanent Eyeliner.

    Several eyeliner looks are available, from subtle to dramatic. The pigment is applied to the top or bottom lid and can significantly enhance the appearance of the eyes. 

    Eyelash Enhancement

    We call Eyelash Enhancement an introduction to semi permanent makeup. We apply pigment to the tiny gaps between the lash roots, creating a solid, thin lash line – a very subtle way to emphasise the eyes.


    Lips – Redefine your lip-line and colour!

    Semi Permanent Makeup for Lips - Lip Liner and Full Lip Colour - Before and After. Exclusive Aesthetic, Micropigmentation Experts, Dubai Middle East.

    Lip Liner – Improve the shape and colour of your lips.

    Over time, the lips lose their shape and definition. We expertly redefine and shape the lips by carefully applying a contoured line sympathetic to your natural lip line. We offer a variety of colours and several looks, from natural to bold.

    Full Lip Colour – For a truly subtle and beautiful cosmetic effect.

    Semi permanent makeup is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and colour of your lips. With the highly skilled application of pigment, lips can look fuller and more shapely. Redefine your lips in only one treatment!

    Lip Blush

    Our Lip Blush semi-permanent makeup treatment is ideal if a more subtle colour is required. The process is the same as Lip Colour; however, we apply more subtle pigments using a dusting needle, which achieves more of a wash of colour on the lips.



    • Candice Watson performs all Semi-Permanent Makeup Dubai treatments. She is an International Micropigmentation Specialist with over 35 years of experience.
    • Semi permanent makeup is not painful. Most of our clients report only minor discomfort.
    • We perform a full consultation before any semi permanent makeup treatment.
    • You do not need to take time off work following the procedure. Any swelling or slight pain will disappear within a few hours.
    • The colour intensity will fade up to 40 to 60% after the first treatment, which is one of the reasons why we recommend a top-up.
    • We perform Top-up sessions between 4 and 8 weeks after the initial procedure.
    • Lip procedures take between 3 and 10 days to heal, depending on the size of the treatment and your skin’s natural healing process.
    • For lip treatments, clients who have suffered from cold sores (Herpes virus – herpes simplex) can experience infection symptoms after the lip treatment. Anti-herpes medication is available over the counter or on prescription and should be taken before lip treatments, as these can help to prevent or minimise such outbreaks.

    See more of our semi permanent makeup FAQs HERE

    Is Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai suitable for you?

    With our range of different looks, everyone can benefit from smudge-free semi permanent makeup. Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai is particularly suitable for:

    • Anyone with unsteady hands making applying makeup difficult
    • Anyone short-sighted
    • For people on the go with no time for applying makeup but feel more confident wearing makeup.
    • Anyone who is allergic to makeup (or has a sensitivity to makeup).

    Best Machines and Pigments

    Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai – We use professional micropigmentation machines and equipment to implant non-permanent pigment into the skin’s epidermis layer (upper layer). The pigment depth is critical and directly relates to the amount of time the pigment will stay in the skin – too deep, and chances are you will get a permanent tattoo; too shallow and the pigment will only last a few months. 

    The correct micropigmentation systems allow us to adjust the depth of the needle. Implanting pigments at an exact depth into the epidermis allows the pigment to be naturally expelled from the skin over 2 to 3 years, hence the term “semi-permanent”.


    Tattoo Removal Dubai, UAE, by Candice Watson & Exclusive Aesthetic. Remove any colour pigment with safer results than laser tattoo removal.

    Industry Expert Candice Watson

    One of the Middle East’s Leading Medical Micropigmentation Experts

    Candice Watson is one of Dubai’s most established and trusted medical and cosmetic micropigmentation experts, with a happy client list spanning the entire Middle East.

    Candice has over 35 years of experience performing micropigmentation procedures to the highest industry standards. Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards for her medical treatments and is a world leader in micropigmentation.

    Read more about Candice Watson


    Eyebrow Tattoo

    Our Tattoo Removal procedure is one of the best and safest at removing pigment, with results far superior to laser tattoo removal.

    More about Eyebrow Tattoo

    Lip Blush

    We expertly implant pigment into the lips to perfect and enhance the lip line and colour. Treatments last for up to 3 years.

    More about Lip Blush

    PMU Removal

    We remove pigment from the delicate facial areas and reapply to correct them if required.

    More about PMU Removal


    Micropigmentation Experts Dubai - Candice Watson and Exclusive Aesthetic. Micropigmntation treatments and training courses in Dubai.

    I had lip liner and full lip colour with Candice. Now my lips look amazing!

    – Amy, Dubai

    Micropigmentation Experts Dubai - Candice Watson and Exclusive Aesthetic. Micropigmntation treatments and training courses in Dubai.

    I did some research, and Candice was the best choice. I had full lip colour, and Candice reshaped my lips, too. I’m thrilled with the result.

    – Sarah, Abu Dhabi

    Micropigmentation Experts Dubai - Candice Watson and Exclusive Aesthetic. Micropigmntation treatments and training courses in Dubai.

    I over-plucked my eyebrows when I was younger, and as a result, I had hardly any. I chose the hairstroke technique because I wanted a natural look, and now I love my brows. Thank you, Candice!

    – Debbie, Dubai

    Micropigmentation Experts Dubai - Candice Watson and Exclusive Aesthetic. Micropigmntation treatments and training courses in Dubai.

    I’m very new to semi permanent makeup, so Candice recommended Eyelash Enhancement. I’m delighted with the look; it is very subtle but improves the look of my eyes.

    – Aisha, Abu Dhabi


    Treatment Appointments

    Dubai appointments are available Saturday through Wednesday, 9 am to 6 pm, at C37, Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Treatment Licensing

    All Dubai procedures are performed under the DHA licence at C37, Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and conform to the highest medical standards.

    Training Courses

    Our sister company, Exclusive Aesthetics Technical and Occupational Skills Training, provides our training courses at various locations in Dubai and the Middle East. See our range of micropigmentation training courses HERE.

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