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Alopecia Treatment – Micropigmentation Offers Natural-Looking Results for Alopecia

Alopecia Treatment Dubai - We use superfine needles to add pigment to mimic individual hair strokes to eyebrows and eyelids, giving a natural look.

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    Micropigmentation is a Great Solution for Alopecia

    Alopecia treatment for the scalp, hairlines, and eyebrows – We use micropigmentation to implant non-permanent pigments into the epidermal layer of the skin ( the outer layer). Implanting pigment into the epidermis allows the pigment to be expelled over time, hence the term “Semi-Permanent”.

    Our semi-permanent procedures can last up to 3 years in the Middle East; however, we recommend a refresher treatment every 12 to 18 months to keep the pigment looking fresh.

    Micropigmentation For Scalp and Hairlines

    For Hair and Scalp Micropigmentation, we add dots of pigment, like hair roots, achieving a look of stubble on the scalp.

    Micropigmentation For Eyebrows

    Eyebrows play a vital part in the look and symmetry of the face. Beautifully shaped eyebrows not only accentuate your eyes but can also lift your face, making you look youthful. Often, eyebrows lose hair and shape through age or over-plucking. Semi-permanent eyebrows offer an effective solution for people who want to forget about the look of their brows and know they are always perfect.

    We recommend the Natural Hair Stroke eyebrow technique, a natural look using superfine needles applying individual hair strokes beneath the eyebrow hairline. The eyebrow shape is built up in layers of hair strokes to look as natural as possible. We use varying pigment colours to mimic the shades of the eyebrow hair.

    Natural hair stroke for eyebrows is the most natural semi-permanent eyebrow treatment. It is a must-have treatment for Alopecia and anyone who would like perfect eyebrows with a natural look.

    Alopecia Treatment With One of the Middle East’s Leading Medical Micropigmentation Experts

    Alopecia Treatment Dubai - Candice Watson - We use superfine needles to add pigment to mimic individual hair strokes to eyebrows and eyelids, giving a natural look.

    Candice Watson is one of Dubai’s most established and trusted medical micropigmentation experts, with a happy client list spanning the entire Middle East.

    Candice Watson has over 35+ years of experience performing micropigmentation procedures to the highest industry standards.

    Candice has won numerous awards for her medical micropigmentation treatments throughout her career and continues to be a world leader in all aspects of micropigmentation.


    • International Health and Beauty Certification
    • Dawn Cragg MBE Teaching and CPD Certification
    • John Hashy Masters Diploma
    • Finishing Touches Medical Micropigmentation Masterclass
    • Moshe Allul Diploma for HFS Scalp Micropigmentation
    • LCN Germany SPMU Diploma
    • Tunde Mehn Advanced Skills Diploma
    • Licensed to Practice in Dubai Healthcare City

    Fellowships & Memberships

    • SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals)
    • IHBC (International Health and Beauty Council)
    • BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists)

    Licensed to train & perform treatments

    Licensed to perform treatments and offer training courses in Dubai, the UK and internationally.

    UAE Business Award Winner

    We proudly announce Exclusive Aesthetic are UAE Business Award winners for two consecutive years.

    Our UAE awards include Best Specialist, Best Trainers and Best Scalp.

    What Our Clients Say

    Candice applied perfect, natural-looking eyebrows with a hair colour that suited my skin colour.

    Mandy, Dubai

    I had patches of alopecia on my beard. Candice filled in the gaps with dots of pigment that matched the surrounding hair.

    David, Abu Dhabi


    Treatment Appointments

    Dubai appointments are available Saturday to Wednesday, 9 am to 6 pm C37, Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Treatment Licensing

    All Dubai procedures are performed under the DHA licence at C37, Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and conform to the highest medical standards.

      Looking for a training course?

      We offer several micropigmentation training courses in Dubai, including Semi Permanent Makeup, Advanced Eyebrow and Lip techniques, Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation. See our range of micropigmentation training courses HERE.

      Our sister company, Exclusive Aesthetics Technical and Occupational Skills Training, provides training at various locations in Dubai and around the Middle East.

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