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Makeup Removal


Our permanent makeup removal and correction system extracts pigment in a very gentle and natural way. See the effectiveness of our system for removing and correcting eyebrows in the short video. This client opted for a cheaper treatment elsewhere and somehow managed to have multiple brow lines tattooed using inferior pigments that turn green and blue over time.

The video shows us removing the pigment and in the final two sessions we reapplied the eyebrows in the correct position and shape. The client was overjoyed with the results.

Permanent makeup removal requires a course of several treatments spaced 4 - 6 weeks apart. This allows the treated area to fully heal between sessions.

We see excellent results from this procedure with often 100% removal of the tattoo or semi permanent makeup procedure.

Need more information?

Permanent makeup removal is an essential procedure for anyone who is not happy with their permanent or semi permanent makeup treatment. People contact us in a desperate state, not knowing what to do with their new eyebrows that have turned green or blue. In most cases cheaper body tattoo equipment and body tattoo inks were used resulting in our permanent makeup removal being required.

Unfortunately cheap body tattoo inks change colour over time, the same as a body tattoo. When this happens unfortunately the result is a permanent tattoo to the delicate areas of the face which fuels the horror stories we hear about, that eyebrows have turned blue or green and have changed colour. In addition to incorrect pigments and application, often the shape or position is wrong. We can correct and realign to the look you require.

The Process

When performing permanent makeup removal we implant a specially formulated cream into the area which attaches itself to the pigment particles, like a magnet. The body then reacts to the cream and expels it from the skin taking the pigment with it. The expelled cream containing the tattoo pigment forms a crust, like a scab, over the tattoo and when this crust falls away it removes the pigment with it.

Permanent Makeup Removal aftercare is essential for the best results. The expelled cream crust must be allowed to fall away naturally to allow the maximum amount of pigment to be removed. If the crust is picked off prematurely there is a risk of scarring to the area so we must stress, no picking with this method.

Do not use Laser to remove Semi Permanent Makeup procedures.

Thinking of Laser?

If you are tempted or have been advised to have laser removals for semi permanent makeup THEN DON’T! We have seen many cases where laser has pushed the pigment deeper in the skin and spread the pigment instead of removing which often looks far worse than it did originally. In some cases, laser removal pushed the pigment down deeper in the skin to a level where removals are not possible, even with our system.

If you are thinking about laser for removing or correcting a semi permanent makeup procedure, then please contact us so we can convince you of our more effective method. We would sooner you know the facts and make an informed decision than be reminded every day of a bad decision.

What is Tattoo Makeup?

Note: Tattoo Makeup is a term used many years ago when pigments and application methods were very different to today. The correct modern term is Cosmetic Micropigmentation or Semi Permanent Makeup. Both of which use semi permanent pigments implanted in the Epidermis (outer) layer of skin. The shallow exact depth the pigment is implanted allows the pigment to be expelled from the skin over 2 – 3 years hence our procedures are semi permanent.

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