Permanent Makeup Removal

by award-winning Candice Watson and Exclusive Aesthetic

Why have my eyebrows turned blue?

Permanent makeup removal is an essential procedure for anyone who is not happy with their permanent makeup treatment.

People contact us in a desperate state, not knowing what to do with their new eyebrows that have turned green or blue.

Pigment turning blue and green usually points to cheaper body tattoo inks being used. Unfortunately, cheap body tattoo inks change colour over time, the same as a body tattoo. This usually happens when someone who is not trained correctly has performed semi permanent makeup with a body art tattoo machine and cheaper pigments. This fuels the horror stories we have all heard about.

In addition to incorrect pigments and application, often the shape or position is wrong and the pigment has been implanted too deep in the skin resulting in a permanent tattoo.

Candice Watson and Exclusive Aesthetic are experts at removing pigment from either a poorly performed semi permanent makeup treatment or for an unwanted body art tattoo.

We are also able to partly remove, correct the shape, positioning and alignment to achieve the look you originally wanted.

The process of removing pigment

Our permanent makeup removal and correction system extracts pigment in a very gentle and natural way.

This client in the slideshow opted for a cheaper treatment elsewhere and somehow managed to have multiple brow lines tattooed using inferior pigments that turn green and blue over time.

We removed the pigment over several sessions and in the final two sessions, we reapplied the eyebrows in the correct position and shape. The client was overjoyed with the results.

Permanent makeup removal requires a course of treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. This allows the treated area to fully heal between sessions.

We see excellent results from this procedure with often 100% removal of the tattoo or semi permanent makeup procedure.


Tattoo Removal sessions cause irritation and swelling to the treatment area. In some cases there may also be redness, however, this will subside very quickly.

Normal activities may resume immediately following the procedure. You will be given aftercare instructions at your treatment appointment.

Why us?

Candice Watson performs all semi permanent makeup removals and correction procedures. Candice has near 30 years experience performing micropigmentation treatments to the highest level.

Exclusive Aesthetic are specialist Micropigmentation experts to the Middle East. All our treatments including semi permanent makeup removal tattoo meet Dubai Municipality and Ministry of Health regulations and are performed to the highest standards possible using the best machines and equipment.

  • PROFESSIONAL RESULTS – highly trained professionals perform our tattoo removals
  • BEST REMOVAL EQUIPMENT – the highest standard equipment made in Germany
  • YEARS OF TATTOO REMOVAL EXPERIENCE – we have over 15 years experience using Rejuvi tattoo removal system
  • WE ALSO OFFER TRAINING – see our courses HERE


All treatments are performed at The London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) in Healthcare City, Dubai.

LCAS is a medical clinic adhering to the highest hygiene and health and safety standards so you really are in the best and safest hands.

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More information

Rejuvi Explained

The Rejuvi method of pigment removal was developed over 15 years ago and was quickly adopted by micropigmentation specialists as the preferred removal method for semi permanent makeup procedures, body art tattoos and medical micropigmentation procedures. Rejuvi tattoo removal uses a similar technique to applying the original tattoo.

For Permanent Makeup Removal, Pharmaceutical micropigmentation machines and needles are used and instead of using coloured pigment a specially formulated removals cream is implanted into the tattoo area.

Once implanted the Rejuvi cream attaches and captures the coloured pigment particles within the skin, a little like a magnet, which then is naturally expelled from the skin the same as any other foreign body. The expelled cream and pigment forms a hard crust over the removals area which over the course of several weeks after, falls away taking the pigment contained within the cream with it.

When the tattoo removals course is complete the skin will have a redness for some weeks and will then become lighter than the surrounding skin. This is purely due to the treated area being new fresh skin and needs time to acclimatise before the skin returns to its natural state which will take a few months.
Although we believe Rejuvi to be the very best and most effective method of permanent makeup removal there is a minimal risk of scarring. Aftercare should be adhered to carefully although this is fairly simple. Rejuvi tattoo removal method is NOT a home method and MUST be performed in a medical clinic by a specially trained professional who is trained in permanent makeup removal and the Rejuvi method.

Benefits of Rejuvi pigment removal system

  • FEWER TREATMENTS – most tattoos can be removed in 2 to 3 sessions
  • LOWER COST – fewer treatments means less cost
  • FASTEST NON SURGICAL METHOD – fewer treatments means faster removal
  • NOT COLOUR SELECTIVE – all colours are removed equally
  • LESS SCARRING – skin still tans and hair growth is unchanged
  • ADAPTABLE RESULTS – can be used to lighten tattoos for better coverups

Thinking of Laser Removal

If you are tempted or have been advised to have laser removals for permanent makeup THEN DON’T!We have seen many cases where laser removal has pushed the pigment deeper in the skin and spread the pigment instead of removing which often looks far worse than it did originally. In some cases, laser removal pushed the pigment down deeper in the skin to a level where removals are not possible, even with our system.If you are thinking about laser for removing or correcting a semi permanent makeup procedure, then please contact us so we can convince you of our more effective method. We would sooner you know the facts and make an informed decision than being reminded every day of a bad decision.


I had 2 removals sessions for my small black tattoo. After the first session, the tattoo looked almost gone. I’m very happy with the results.

Sally - Dubai

I researched online and Candice and the Rejuvi method was the obvious choice. My tattoo was removed within 3 sessions.

Mohamad - Abu Dhabi

Ultimate Micropigmentation by Candice Watson of Exclusive Aesthetic, the Micropigmentation Specialists to the Middle East. Candice Watson has near 30 years’ experience performing micropigmentation in Dubai, UK and internationally. Candice’s skill at micropigmentation is unparalleled and her commitment to being the best ensure her procedures are to the highest industry standards. Candice now offers several micropigmentation training courses in Dubai including Semi Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Microblading, Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation.

APPOINTMENTS – For Dubai appointments please call LCAS reception on +971 4 375 2393. Appointments available Sunday through Thursday 9am to 6pm. For UK Harley Street appointments please fill out the contact form.

LICENSING – All Dubai procedures are performed under the licence of the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS), Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Training is located at various locations in Dubai.