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Scar Camouflage by Candice Watson and Exclusive Aesthetic

Our Scar Camouflage procedure uses the process of micropigmentation to implant skin-coloured pigments into the scar’s surface to blend it to the surrounding skin colour and tone. Scar Camouflage is very effective with any scar type including burns, medical scars and accident scars.

Scar Camouflage by the experts – safe, effective and natural results.

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Scar Removal Micropigmentation Experts Dubai Middle East Exclusive Aesthetic

Effective and natural results

We add pigment to conceal

Our Scar Camouflage procedure uses the process of micropigmentation to implant skin-coloured pigments into the scar’s surface to blend it to the surrounding skin colour and tone. Scar Camouflage is very effective with any scar type including burns, medical scars and accident scars.

Scars are often raised or indented. In order for our scar camouflage procedure to be successful, it is vital the scar is as flat as possible*. To achieve this we recommend a treatment course of MCA and Dry Needling prior to any pigment being applied. MCA and Dry Needling technique use a needle without pigment to stimulate the collagen beneath the scar allowing the scar to relax and flatten.

The best Scar Camouflage results are achieved when the scar is lighter than the surrounding skin. On occasions, Scar Camouflage can also be used for scars that are darker than the surrounding skin colour, however, this must be done with great caution and several patch tests to ensure the colour does not turn darker.

*Undulation along the surface of the scar could cause variants in the amount of pigment entering the skin resulting in varying colours in the scar camouflage. To flatten the scar we recommend a course of MCA and Dry Needling.

The process

Our aim is to match the scar to the natural skin colour as perfectly as possible. Scar Camouflage patients should be aware that the best results are achieved when the skin is as natural in colour as possible i.e. with no suntan or very little suntan. Tanned skin can affect the prescriptive skin tone pigments and changes colour depending on exposure to the sun.

Scar camouflage pigments do not change colour, they fade over time as they are expelled from the skin over 2 to 3 years, therefore, we recommend a refresher session every 12 to 18 months to keep the pigment looking fresh. Pigments can never match a changing skin tone. Post-treatment minimal sun exposure to the area is recommended especially if the area is in an obvious position.

Ideal conditions prior to treatment

For the best Scar Camouflage results the treated area should be area:

  • A minimum of 12 months old
  • Not noticeably raised or indented
  • Of smooth texture
  • Lighter than the surrounding skin

Skin Patch Test (SPT)

A Skin Patch Test (SPT) is required before some medical micropigmentation treatments are performed. SPTs are essential to show the correct colour application to match the surrounding skin.

A Skin Patch Test plays an important role in determining the pigment colours to use to match your skin colour and tone. Skin patch tests are usually performed at the initial consultation. At least 4 to 6 weeks is required to see the results. Then the course of treatments sessions can start.

Pigments and colour mixing

For scar camouflage and skin camouflage procedures, we mix bespoke pigment colours tailored to each clients skin tone and colour. The skin is not one colour, therefore, we mix several colours and apply a series of dots to mimic the natural look of the skin. We adopt the latest scar and skin camouflage techniques and have 30+ years of experience mixing colours to match skin tones.


Aftercare for this treatment plays a big part in its success. Avoiding sun and any chlorinated water for at least 4 weeks is important. Also, any heat or steam treatments must be avoided for the first 5 days after each treatment session. Prolonged protection of the skin to sunlight should also be adhered to.


As a general guide scar camouflage will consist of between 1 and 3 sessions however on larger scars this will increase. The number of treatment sessions required is also dependent on the extent and type of scar tissue damage. Often a course of MCA and Dry Needling is required. Small, flat scars can be treated straight away with pigment and take the shortest time to complete.

Best Equipment

We only use the best micropigmentation machines, needles and pigments to ensure the best industry-leading results.

Industry Expert Candice Watson

Candice Watson

One of the Middle East’s Leading Medical Micropigmentation Experts

Candice Watson is one of the most established and trusted medical micropigmentation experts in Dubai with a happy client list spanning the entire Middle East.

Candice Watson Tattoo Removal expert available now in Dubai, UAE. Micropigmentation Experts Dubai Middle East Exclusive Aesthetic

30+ Years Experience

Candice Watson has over 30 years of experience performing micropigmentation procedures to the highest industry standards.

Candice has won numerous awards for her medical micropigmentation treatments throughout her career and continues to be a world leader in all aspects of micropigmentation.


  • International Health and Beauty Certification
  • Dawn Cragg MBE Teaching and CPD Certification
  • John Hashy Masters Diploma
  • Finishing Touches Medical Micropigmentation Master Class
  • Moshe Allul Diploma for HFS Scalp Micropigmentation
  • LCN Germany SPMU Diploma
  • Tunde Mehn Advanced Skills Diploma
  • Licensed to Practice in Dubai Healthcare City

Fellowships & Memberships

  • SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals)
  • IHBC (International Health and Beauty Council)
  • BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapist and Cosmetologists)

Fully licensed to train and practice

Licensed to perform treatments and offer training courses in Dubai, UK and internationally.

Looking for a training course?

Candice Watson now offers micropigmentation training courses at various locations in the UK, Dubai and the Middle East. See our range of micropigmentation training courses HERE.

UAE Business Awards Winner

Award-Winning 5-Star Service Micropigmentation Experts Dubai Middle East Exclusive Aesthetic

Multiple Awards Winner

We are proud to announce Exclusive Aesthetic are UAE Business Award winners for two consecutive years.

Our UAE awards include Best Specialist, Best Trainers and Best Scalp.

What our clients say

I had a small scar on my hand I wasn’t happy with so contacted Candice for Scar Camouflage. Candice performed a skin patch test to test the pigments matched my skin colour. Once the clours were correct Candice used them to blend my scar to the surrounding skin. I’m very happy with the result.




I have a scar from childhood on my leg from an accident. Candice used MCA to flatten the scar and then applied pigment to match it to the surrounding skin. The results are very good and I struggle to even to see the scar now.




Useful information

Ultimate Micropigmentation Services

Training courses

Candice now offers several micropigmentation training courses in Dubai including Semi Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Microblading, Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation.

Training is provided through our sister company Exclusive Aesthetics Technical and Occupational Skills Training at various locations in Dubai and around the Middle East.


Dubai appointments available Sunday through Thursday 9 am to 6 pm at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS), Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For UK Harley Street appointments please contact us.


All Dubai procedures are performed under the licence of the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS), Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and conform to the highest medical standards.

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