Sculpt Face Rejuvenation turn back time

Sculpt face rejuvenation system by Exclusive Aesthetic – Look younger with smoother wrinkle-free skin.

Exclusive Aesthetic Micropigmentation Experts. Candice Watson with 35+ years experience. Dubai, Middle East, and the UK.

Sculpt Face Rejuvenation is a type of microneedle mesotherapy. Whilst there are quite a few different types of mesotherapy treatments, the Sculpt Face Rejuvenation system is unique to others as it requires no numbing cream, which reduces the treatment time to just 30 minutes. The treatment is more comfortable than others because it uses small plastic prongs instead of harsh needles to implant the specially formulated cream into the skin. The result is a small amount of redness for up to 30 minutes after treatment; therefore, your client can apply makeup straight after the treatment if they wish. The treatment can be done in a lunch hour – leaving enough time to have lunch! Unlike other Meso treatments, the system uses a contoured head that glides effortlessly over the skin and facial structure, allowing the treatment areas to include the eye, neck, and décolleté areas. Very few Meso systems can perform treatments in all these areas in one system.   Sculpt face rejuvenation can also treat scars, stretch marks, acne scarring and even imperfections on the hands.   Both therapists and medical staff can use the system, and full certified training is included in the system’s purchase.    

…instant results from the first treatment! A course of 8 sessions is recommended to keep the skin looking younger; however, results can be seen after only one treatment. The collagen cream keeps working for 48 hours post-treatment, plumping out wrinkles and fine lines. 

Sculpt Face Rejuvenation is a must-have treatment for anybody wishing to achieve smoother, glowing, younger skin.

Please email to make an appointment. Interested in purchasing a system for your salon or spa? The Sculpt Face Rejuvenation system is a perfect addition to your salon, spa or medical centre.  Give your clients the best treatment available and improve the footfall of customers.

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