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Our Scar Removals process uses two methods, MCA and Dry Needling to flatten the scar and in most cases naturally repoigments the scar and Scar Camouflage where we use the process of micropigmentation to implant skin coloured pigment into the scar to blend to the surrounding skin.

Why use our scar removals system

Safer and superior results to remove your scar

We are international micropigmentation specialists based in Dubai with over 30 years of experience performing and teaching micropigmentation techniques to the highest industry standards.

All treatments including Scar Removals meet Dubai Municipality and Ministry of Health regulations and are performed to the highest standards using the best machines and equipment from LCAS Medical Centre.

Very effective

MCA and Dry Needling is very effective at flattening and re-pigmenting scars.

Natural method

MCA and Dry Needling in most cases stimulate the collagen beneath the scar causing natural healing and pigmentation.

Best equipment

We only use the best equipment available for industry-leading results.

30+ years of experience

We are expert international Micropigmentation specialists with over 30 years’ international experience.

The Process of Scar Removal

MCA and Dry Needling for raised or indented scars

MCA and Dry Needling is the go-to solution to improve scars due to accidents, operations or where there is mild to severe skin damage from burns etc.

Most scars of this nature have caused significant damage to the skin and are as a result raised or indented.

For raised or indented scars (not flat) we start with a course of MCA and Dry Needling. MCA and Dry Needling uses a needle (without pigment) to stimulate the collagen beneath the scar allowing the scar to relax and flatten and in most cases, this process re-pigments the scar naturally.

If the scar is still visible after a course of MCA and Dry Needling then a course of Scar Camouflage is required.

Scar Camouflage for flat scars

To treat minor scars that are usually flat and smooth, we perform a course of Scar Camouflage (with no MCA and Dry Needling). The pigmentation of the scar is only effective when the scar is as flat as possible.

For Scar Camouflage we mix bespoke pigment colours and tones to match to the surrounding skin and apply to the surface of the scar. This blends the scar colour to match the surrounding skin tone.

To effectively add pigment to any scar the scar must be flat like undamaged skin. If a scar is raised or indented we will always start with a course of MCA and Dry Needling.

Skin Patch Test (SPT)

Scar Camouflage requires a Skin Patch Test to test what pigment colours and tones match your skin tone and how well they implant to your skin. A skin patch test is usually performed at the first appointment so please book a 30 minute appointment.

MCA and Dry Needling does not require a skin patch test as no pigment is being applied to the skin. MCA can be performed on your first visit and treatment appointments are usually 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the scar.


Our scar removals process uses needles which will cause slight irritation and swelling to the treatment area. In some cases there may also be redness, however, this will subside very quickly.

For 72 hours after scar removals treatment session, we advise no contact with water or sweat to allow the skin to heal.

You will be given aftercare instructions at your treatment appointment. Aftercare should be adhered to carefully to ensure the best results.

Industry Expert Candice Watson

Candice Watson Micropigmentation Experts Dubai Middle East Exclusive Aesthetic

30+ Years Experience

Candice Watson is one of the best in the world of micropigmentation offering industry-leading procedures and training in Dubai and the Middle East.

UAE Business Awards Winner

Award-Winning 5-Star Service Micropigmentation Experts Dubai Middle East Exclusive Aesthetic

Award Winners

We are proud to announce Exclusive Aesthetic are UAE Business Award winners for two consecutive years.

Our UAE awards include Best Specialist, Best Trainers and Best Scalp.

What our clients say

I had a few childhood scars on my arm and contacted Candice to see what was possible. Candice said they were relatively small and as the surface was flat, Candice performed 3 sessions of Scar Camouflage. Now I can hardly see them. Thank you Candice!



I had a scar from an operation that was on my knee. Candice performed MCA to flatten the scar and the results are very good. I was amazed how a simple process was effective at blending my scar to look like natural skin.



Useful information

Ultimate Micropigmentation Services

Training courses

Candice now offers several micropigmentation training courses in Dubai including Semi Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Microblading, Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation.

Training is provided through our sister company Exclusive Aesthetics Technical and Occupational Skills Training at various locations in Dubai and around the Middle East.


Dubai appointments available Sunday through Thursday 9am to 6pm at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS), Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For UK Harley Street appointments please contact us.


All Dubai procedures are performed under the licence of the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS), Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and conform to the highest medical standards.

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