Scar Removals

Scar Removals

For Scar Removals we use two processes, 1. MCA and Dry Needling to flatten the scar and often re-pigment the scar naturally and 2. Micropigmentation to add pigment to the scar to blend the scar to the skin colour surrounding the scar.

The Process

Scar Removals procedure requires the scar to be as flat as possible. For raised or indented scars we recommend a treatment course of MCA and Dry Needling. MCA and Dry Needling use a needle without pigment to stimulate the collagen beneath the scar allowing the scar to relax and flatten. In most cases, this process re-pigments the scar naturally. For flat scar removals, we advise a treatment course of scar camouflage where we implant skin tone pigments into the scar to blend to the surrounding skin.

Why Us?

  • – MCA and Dry Needling is very effective at flattening and re-pigmenting scars
  • – We are expert international Micropigmentation specialists with almost 30 years’ international experience
  • – We only use the best equipment available for industry leading results

Candice Watson

Candice Watson performs all Scar Removals to the highest standards in the Middle East. Candice has almost 30 years’ experience performing micropigmentation in the UK, Dubai and internationally. Candice’s skill at micropigmentation is unparalleled and her commitment to being the best ensure her procedures are to the highest industry standards.

What we do

A Skin Patch Test is required to test what pigment colours match your skin tone.

A treatment course of MCA and Dry Needling is performed to flatten the scar and re-pigment the scar naturally.

If required, bespoke pigment colours are applied as Scar Camouflage to blend the scar to the surrounding skin tones.

Want to know more

For more information on Scar Removals procedures please click on the link.


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