Scar Removals Dubai and the Middle East

Scar Removals Dubai and the Middle East

Scar Removal is a very popular treatment in Dubai and the Middle East with lots of specialists offering a variety of solutions. 

What exactly is scar removal?

The name “scar removals” is somewhat misleading, there is no system that can physically remove scars. The more accurate term is “Scar Camouflage” or “Scar Repair”.

At Exclusive Aesthetic we offer two procedures that offer excellent results to reduce the appearance of a scar:

  • MCA and Dry Needling for scars
  • Scar Camouflage using Micropigmentation 

Both of these procedures achieve excellent results for scar removals to conceal any scar to look like the surrounding skin colour and tone.

Scar removal falls under our range of medical procedures. For a general overview of our medical procedures please see HERE.

MCA and Dry Needling for scars

MCA and Dry Needling for Scar Removals is one of our most popular and effective treatments for scars. 

The first thing we do when we see a scar removals patient is to ascertain what type of scar it is. Is it a scar from damage or surgery or is it a scar from a condition like an acne scar? Scars from damage or surgery usually cause more trauma and damage to the skin resulting in the surface of the scar being either raised or indented (not flat). This is where MCA and Dry Needling is most effective.

MCA and dry needling is a dry needle technique using the same machine and needles we implant pigment but without any pigment. The needle massages and activates the scar to flatten the surface of the scar back to as flat as possible. This is important as the appearance of a scar is usually more visible due to it being raised or indented.

There’s another key benefit of MCA and Dry Needling – whilst massaging the surface of the scar with the dry needle the body’s natural collagen beneath the scar is reactivated in most cases and this, in turn, helps to re-pigment the scar i.e. a flush of the skins natural colour floods back into the scar or area of damage.

In most cases, our clients are happy with the result. If more pigment is required then we recommend a course of Scar Camouflage.

For more information on our MCA Dry Needling procedure please see HERE.

Scar Camouflage using Micropigmentation

Scar Camouflage uses the process of micropigmentation to add pigment to the surface of the scar to match to the surrounding skin colour and tone.

We expertly assess a clients skin tone and mix several bespoke pigments to implant these into the surface of the scar. The skin is made up of serval colours and not just one colour. The pigment is added as a series of small dots in a random pattern using a mixture of colours. This process ensures the surface of the scar looks as close to the surrounding skin colour as possible.

For more information on our scar camouflage procedure please see HERE.

Scar Removal Aftercare

Once our scar removals procedures are performed and the client is happy with the results the area must be covered until fully healed.

Care must be taken when sunbathing with adequate sunblock applied because the area where the pigment is applied will not tan like normal skin. If the colour of the skin surrounding the scar is allowed to tan and therefore change colour then the scar removal pigment will become more visible.

Our Scar Removals Expert, Candice Watson

Candice Watson, international micropigmentation expert with 30+ years of experience.

Candice Watson has over 30 years of experience in the micropigmentation industry, with over 20+ years of experience performing scar removal procedures to the highest industry standards.

Candice established her Dubai micropigmentation business in 2009 and has now expanded to attend clinics in the Middle East and on Harley Street, London.

Treatment location and contact

All procedures in Dubai are performed at LCAS, the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery located in Dubai Healthcare City.

For more information or to take the next step to remove your scar safely please email

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