Effective Tattoo Removal by Candice Watson Dubai and Middle East

Effective Tattoo Removal by Candice Watson Dubai and Middle East

Effective Tattoo Removal by Candice Watson Dubai and Middle East

Unfortunately, we all occasionally make mistakes or regret a decision to have a tattoo that was a good idea years ago and is now irrelevant in the current situation, or maybe the location is not ideal for a current employer.

Suppose you want to remove a tattoo and are located in Dubai, the UAE or the Middle East. In that case, we offer one of the best tattoo removal solutions that effectively removes pigment from the skin.

We see excellent results from only one session. Most black ink tattoos are removed within 1 to 3 sessions. 

The amount of sessions is subject to many factors; however, our system attaches itself to the pigment and draws the tattoo pigment out of the skin using the body’s natural methods when expelling any foreign body.

Our tattoo removal system can even be used on the very delicate areas of the face where semi-permanent makeup is performed.

Wherever the tattoo or pigment is located on the skin, we can remove the pigment with very effective results.

Effective Tattoo Removal by Candice Watson is available now in Dubai Healthcare City. Remove any colour tattoo pigment safely. Book Now!

Effective Tattoo Removal by Candice Watson

What system do we use?

We use the Rejuvi method of pigment removal. We expertly insert the rejuvenation removal cream into the pigment of the tattoo in much the same way as the original tattoo was done, using the same machines but replacing the pigment with the removal cream.

This removal cream attaches itself to the tattoo pigment, and the body’s natural defence system then expels the combination of tattoo pigment and removal cream from the skin. Over a few days after the treatment, a crust of pigment and removal cream forms on the tattoo area. The tattoo pigment is removed once this crust falls away from the skin.

The crust containing pigment and removal cream must naturally fall away from the skin. This allows the removal cream to draw as much pigment as possible from the skin.

The skin is then allowed to heal for up to 8 weeks, and we perform a repeat tattoo removal session.

Does our system work on all tattoo colours?

Yes. Our tattoo removal system works on all tattoo colours. As mentioned, black tattoos are removed within 1 to 3 sessions. Greens and reds are the most difficult colours to remove from the skin and require more sessions. 

The best solution we suggest is to visit us for one session so you can see the results. Following the aftercare and allowing the pigment and removal solution to fall away from the skin naturally, you will see excellent results from the first session.

How does your system compare with Laser Tattoo Removals?

Effective Tattoo Removal by Candice Watson

Laser tattoo removal is by far the most well-known form of tattoo removal. It works in a very different way, blasting the pigment particles to reduce their size. Over the course of several sessions, the pigment particles should be so small that the body flushes them from the skin into the bloodstream and away from the tattoo area.

This is one of our main issues with laser tattoo removal. Laser removals do not withdraw the pigment from the skin but blast it into it. Pushing pigments deeper into the skin can lead to many possible complications and dangers.

Our tattoo removal system draws the pigment out of the skin, so there is no danger of pushing the pigment deeper into the skin. 

There is a high risk of scarring with laser tattoo removal but very little risk of scarring with our tattoo removal system.

In our opinion, choosing which tattoo removal system is better is very easy. Our system offers better results than laser removal, shows quicker results than laser tattoo removals, and is safer than laser tattoo removals.

If you do your research, the obvious choice for the best results and safety is to choose our Effective Tattoo Removal by Candice Watson system, not laser tattoo removal.

International micropigmentation expert with 30+ years of experience

Candice Watson has over 30 years of experience in the micropigmentation industry, with over 20 years of experience performing tattoo removal procedures to the highest industry standards. Candice set up her micropigmentation business in Dubai in 2009 and has now expanded to attend clinics in Dubai, the Middle East, and Harley Street, London.

All procedures are in Dubai Healthcare City. For more information or to take the next step to safely remove your tattoo, please email info@exclusiveaesthetic.com.

Effective Tattoo Removal by Candice Watson

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