Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling

Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling

Exclusive Aesthetic offer Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling to Harley Street standards in the Middle East.

Exclusive Aesthetic offers Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling to Harley Street standards in the Middle East. Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling stimulates the body’s natural collagen beneath the skin to reduce the appearance of the scar. Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling also often naturally pigments the area to match the surrounding skin tone and colour.

Exclusive Aesthetic is a micropigmentation specialist in the Middle East. We offer the full scope of micropigmentation services to the Middle East, including scar removal using MCA dry needle and scar pigmentation.

We are steadily seeing more and more people asking for an effective way to hide and conceal scars, and MCA and dry needling are the perfect procedures to improve a scar’s appearance.

Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling to Harley Street standards by Exclusive Aesthetic the Micropigmentation Experts to the Middle East.

One of the most common requests

One of the most common requests is how to hide scars from causes like old operations, burns and skin grafts as well as stretch marks. Surgeons and Doctors don’t really have the right answers when it comes to the question, ‘How can I get rid of or diminish my scars’ Some suggest cover-up makeup, and others say laser treatments (Laser does not work on scars), but very few doctors and surgeons know of or understand the treatment of MCA for scars. It is our aim to make MCA and Dry Needling the number one treatment for improving a scar’s appearance.

MCA is the newest and most effective treatment for all scars

MCA is the newest and most effective treatment for all scars, from skin grafts to burns to acne scars. It is safe and comfortable and provides great results. Exclusive Aesthetic is the leader in the Middle East for this technique, and we aim to help educate the doctors and surgeons here on the benefits of this treatment. We know this will take time, but hopefully, once they see the great results that can be achieved with this simple technique, we will see the Middle East catching up with the U.K. And the rest of Europe in treating scars.

Our unsurpassed treatments and techniques and the most up-to-date class 2a medically certified machine are already in hundreds of hospitals, including NHS hospitals and clinics in the UK. Exclusive Aesthetic aims to provide the same in the UAE and the Middle East.

Match a scar to the surrounding skin

If you have a scar and want to improve its appearance to match the surrounding skin, please see our MCA and Dry Needling page on our website and use the contact form to contact us.

Candice Watson is our Micropipigmentation expert including advanced techniques and MCA and Dry Needling.

Exclusive Aesthetic is the Micropigmentatioon Specialists to the Middle East. Our services include Cosmetic, Medical and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation. Exclusive Aesthetic is also the only KHDA-approved training centre for medical micropigmentation. Please get in touch with us for more information on our training courses and seminars or see our Training Courses HERE.

Exclusive Aesthetic is part of Exclusive Beauty LLC, the Harley Street Specialist

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