Natural looking semi permanent makeup

Natural-looking semi permanent makeup

by Candice Watson

Semi permanent make up can look very natural if done correctly.

Natural looking semi permanent makeup. Perfect everyday makeup lasting up to 3 years. Insist on the best in the Middle East!

Semi permanent makeup

Semi permanent makeup is the process of implanting non-permanent pigments into the upper layer of the skin. The depth at which the pigment is implanted is crucial to allow the pigment to be expelled from the skin. Too deep, the pigment becomes permanent; too shallow, and the pigment does not take to the skin.


Exclusive Aesthetic performs natural-looking semi-permanent makeup to the highest standards in the Middle East. Our team of specialists is from the UK and is trained to master level in all aspects of micropigmentation, including semi-permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation. We insist on the best treatments available.

More clients want to look natural

At Exclusive Aesthetic, we see more clients wanting their makeup to look natural. To accommodate this, we use specialist pigments in various colours, from subtle to vivid. Our specialists will advise you on the colour to match your skin tone and requirements, and we always advise lighter tones as more can always be added.

Last up to 3 years

Semi-permanent makeup can last up to 3 years in the Middle East. Natural-looking Semi-permanent makeup means you can leave the house in the morning without having to worry if your eyebrows, eyeliner, lip line, or even your lip colour are applied correctly. Go to the gym, swim in a pool, or go to the beach knowing your makeup is smudge-free and always perfect.

Our natural-looking semi-permanent makeup procedures include:

Eyebrow Enhancement
Eye Line
Eyelash Enhancement
Lip Line
Lip Blush
and Full Lip Colour

All treatments are performed at LCAS, the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Healthcare City Dubai. To make an appointment, please complete the contact form on our homepage.

We are also specialists in Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation. So whatever the reason for contacting us, we can help.

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