Scar Removal Dubai

Candice Watson of Exclusive Aesthetic offers Scar Removal Dubai to the highest industry standards using MCA Dry Needling.

For Scar Removal Dubai, MCA Dry Needling is applied to the scar’s surface to stimulate the body’s natural collagen to flatten the scar. In most cases, MCA and Dry Needling encourage the natural pigmentation of the scar to match the surrounding skin tone and colour. This is the best process we know for Scar Removal Dubai.

Candice Watson offers the full range of micropigmentation services to the Middle East, including Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling and Scar Pigmentation. We are seeing more and more people asking for a way to hide and conceal scars, and MCA and Dry Needling are now recommended by most doctors and cosmetic specialists. MCA and dry needling are increasingly being seen as the perfect procedures to improve the appearance of a scar.

Scar Removal Dubai. Candice Watson and Exclusive Aesthetic offers Scar Removal Dubai to the highest industry standards using MCA. Book Now!

We often see requests to hide a scar caused by an old operation, burn or skin graft. Scar Removal Dubai using MCA and Dry Needling is fastly becoming the must-have treatment to conceal skin imperfections and scars and is now widely recommended by doctors and surgeons.

MCA is the most effective treatment for all scars, from skin grafts to burns and acne scars. It is safe and comfortable and provides great results.

Exclusive Aesthetic and Candice Watson are now offering scar removal in Dubai at Dubai Healthcare City and at several locations in the UK, including Harley Street London. For more details or to request an appointment, please fill out the contact form.



Ultimate Micropigmentation by Candice Watson of Exclusive Aesthetic, the Micropigmentation Specialists to the Middle East. Candice Watson has almost 30 years of experience performing micropigmentation in Dubai, the UK and internationally. Candice’s skill at micro pigmentation is unparalleled, and her commitment to being the best ensures her procedures are to the highest industry standards. Candice now offers several micropigmentation training courses in Dubai, including Semi Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Microblading, Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation.

APPOINTMENTS – For Dubai appointments, please call LCAS reception at +971 4 375 2393. Appointments are available Sunday through Thursday, 9 am to 6 pm. For UK Harley Street appointments, please fill out the contact form.

LICENSING – All Dubai procedures are performed under the licence of the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS), Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Training is available at various locations in Dubai and Ajman.

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