Natural Looking Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai

Natural Looking Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai

Natural Looking Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai by Candice Watson & Exclusive Aesthetic

Natural-Looking Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai is part of Exclusive Aesthetic’s Ultimate Micropigmentation services, which include semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation.

Natural Looking Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai by Candice Watson & Exclusive Aesthetic. Perfect makeup lasting years not months.

Go to the gym, swim in a pool or go to the beach with confidence knowing your makeup will not smudge and is always looking perfect.

Semi-permanent Makeup Dubai is achievable if a highly skilled micropigmentation specialist is used. Micropigmentation is a process of implanting pigments into the epidermis layer of the skin (the outer layer) to the popular makeup areas of the face, the eyes, eyebrows and lips. Our micropigmentation procedures use a tried and tested system used for cosmetic micropigmentation for over 30 years.

Treatments include

Our natural semi-permanent makeup Dubai treatments include:

Eyebrow Enhancement
Eye Line (top, bottom or both!)
Eyelash Enhancement
Lip Liner
Lip Blush
and Full Lip Colour

Natural looking

Natural-looking semi-permanent makeup Dubai is available at LCAS Dubai Healthcare City. At LCAS, we are seeing an increase in clients wanting natural looks. Our most natural look for eyebrows is Natural Hairstroke. For this, we use super fine needles to insert pigment precisely in the skin to mimic hairs – the pigment line is the same thickness as real hair. By adding more strokes along the brow line, we build up the density of the eyebrow. We can also correct the shape of each brow to give a natural but perfect look.

Lip treatments also available

Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai is also available for lips. Our most popular lip treatments are lip liner and full lip colour. We can achieve very natural looks for both by mixing pigment colours to complement your skin tone. If you require a faint wash of colour for lips, then our Lip Blush treatment is for you. Lip Blush adds a pigment wash to the lips to look similar to lip gloss. Lip Blush is a great look for anyone wanting lips that look perfect all day without a heavy made-up look.

Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai is part of our Ultimate Micropigmentation range of services and can last for 2 to 3 years. However, in the Middle East, we recommend a top-up every 12 – 18 months to keep the pigment looking fresh.

We also perform medical micropigmentation

In addition to our range of makeup micropigmentation services, we also offer a range of Medical Micropigmentation treatments. Medical Micropigmentation shows very effective results for scar removal, tattoo removal and concealing skin imperfections with Skin Camouflage.

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