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Exclusive Aesthetic Micropigmentation Experts. Candice Watson with 35+ years experience. Dubai, Middle East, and the UK.

Dubai Semi Permanent Makeup

Dubai Semi Permanent Makeup is available to industry-leading standards. Exclusive Aesthetic, the newly formed micropigmentation service division of Exclusive Beauty LLC, combines top training with the best micropigmentation machines, needles and pigments to ensure we deliver semi-permanent makeup treatments to the highest standards in the Middle East.

Exclusive Aesthetic Micropigmentation Experts. Candice Watson with 35+ years experience. Dubai, Middle East, and the UK.

Our treatments include eyebrow correction and application, eyeliner, top-bottom or both, lip liner, full lip colour, and blush.

The most popular treatment area is the eyebrows; many of our clients want corrections to their eyebrow loom or a solution to sparse or over-plucked eyebrows. To appeal to a wider selection of people, we offer 3 different looks for our Dubai semi-permanent makeup procedures:

  • Natural Hair Stroke
  • Block
  • Dusting

Natural Hair Stroke is exactly as its name implies. A super-fine needle, the thickness of a single hair, is used to implant pigment beneath the brow line. Varying pigment colours are used to give a very natural 3D look as required.

Block is very popular with our local clients. The shape and look are first applied using an eyebrow pencil, and this is agreed upon before pigment is applied. Once the shape and look are agreed, the outline is applied using pigment and then the inside area is totally coloured in to completely cover the skin.

Dusting is again one of our natural looks for eyebrows. A dusting needle is used to apply pigment in a dusting effect similar to brow powder. The result is a wash of colour beneath the brow.

Exclusive Aesthetic – the micropigmentation specialists to the Middle East

Exclusive Aesthetic are micropigmentation specialists in the Middle East offering Cosmetic, Medical and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation procedures to the highest level. Our micropigmentation services, including our Dubai Semi Permanent Makeup

For more information on our services, including Dubai Semi Permanent Makeup, please email us at

We also offer permanent makeup removals. If you have had a treatment by another practitioner and you would like to correct or remove it completely, then our removal system is the best available.

Exclusive Aesthetic is part of Exclusive Beauty LLC, the Harley Street Specialists based in Dubai, UAE. See HERE for Exclusive Beauty’s website.

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