HFS Hair Follicle Simulation

HFS Hair Follicle Simulation

Hair Follicle Simulation is a great way to conceal hair loss. Hair Follicle Simulation camouflages bald patches and redefines hairlines by implanting pigment to mimic hair follicles at the scalp level. By covering the skin in tiny dots the impression is given of a full head of hair and because the simulated follicles are below the hairline, it is very difficult to see the simulated hair follicles and the actual hair follicles.

Mimicking hair follicles by applying pigment have been around for quite some time. This old procedure is known as medical micropigmentation and uses single needles to insert pigment as individual hair follicles. This process often takes a lot longer. A special treatment head was developed for Hair Follicle Simulation to speed up the pigment implantation process. Instead of a single needle to implant the pigment, an HFS roller applies multiple spots of pigment in one pass. By alternating the direction of the roller a random spot effect is produced, very much the same as random hair follicles.

HFS – Hair Follicle Simulation revolutionised how specialists apply pigment to the scalp. Treatment times are greatly reduced, the amount of discomfort is reduced and the effects are extremely natural-looking.

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