Dry Needling


MCA and Dry Needling works by softening and flattening scars and is very effective in flattening acne scars (atrophic) or raised (hypertrophic) scars from injury or as a result of surgery. We have also seen effective results to improve the appearance of burns, skin grafts, stretchmarks and to plump wrinkles.

MCA and dry needling uses the same micropigmentation equipment and needles we use with our pigment implantation procedures but with MCA and Dry Needling no pigment is used, just a dry needle hence the term “Dry Needling”.  Dry Needling has proven success treating:

Burns, Scars due to accidents, Acne scars, Surgical scars, Skin grafts, Stretch marks & Wrinkles.

We often see MCA and Dry needling stimulate the re-colouration of a scar naturally. If this does not happen then the scar requires pigment implantation by our Scar Camouflage procedure.

During MCA and Dry Needling procedure collagen beneath the skin is stimulated to replace the epidermis. MCA and Dry Needling is a comfortable procedure in most cases. We always use the best available topical numbing cream to numb the area as much as possible.

Post procedure the area treated will appear scratched and lightly grazed for a few days. The area should be kept as dry as possible for 48 hours post treatment. The area should fully heal within 3 – 4 days and once healed there should be a noticeable difference in the appearance of the skin. It is usual for more than one treatment to be required to obtain optimal results.

If you are thinking of Dermaroller, please note MCA and Dry Needling is more effective as it concentrates the treatment on a specific area using a single needle. As a result collagen replacement is encouraged only where it is required. Also MCA and Dry Needling’s healing time is 3-4 days as opposed to 10-14 days with Dermaroller.

MCA* and Dry Needling offers amazing results for burns and scars. However is also very effective for Acne Scarring, Stretchmarks and Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

 *MCA stands for Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation


MCA and Dry Needling is also very successful for Acne Scarring and will treat both raised and indented scars.

MCA and Dry Needling is an advanced micropigmentation technique and must be performed correctly and by a highly trained miropigmentation specialist.

Stretch marks are a concern for many people and not just women. MCA can achieve excellent results on stretch marks. MCA and Dry Needling causes the skin’s natural defense system to heal by promoting and producing collagen naturally.

MCA and Dry Needling also stimulates the skins melanin (pigmentation in the skin) to in some cases restore natural pigmentation once the area has fully healed. If areas do not fully pigment then a course of skin camouflage is required.
MCA and Dry Needling is an advanced micropigmentation technique and must be performed correctly and by a highly trained miropigmentation specialist.
MCA and Dry Needling also works very well on fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating natural collegen production beneath the treated area.
A topical numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.  Directly after the procedure the skin will appear scratched and lightly grazed for a few days, once healed a noticeable difference in the skins appearance will be seen. Further treatments may be required to improve results.
MCA and Dry Needling should only be performed by a highly trained miropigmentation specialist as MCA and Dry Needling is an advanced technique and must be performed correctly.
For more information on our Medical Micropigmentation treatments please click HERE.

Scars and burns range from minor to excessive and can be on any part of the body or face and if prominent and seen can cause issues with confidence. MCA and Dry Needling offers amazing results for burns and scars. MCA and Dry Needling pierces the scar tissue to stimulate cell growth under the scar. The scar tissue is restructured allowing the scar to begin to shrink and disappear.

All scars can be traumatic to the individual. Whether the scar is a small scar on the face from an illness like chicken pox or a large area from a burn or scars from an accident, all can cause varying degrees of anxiety.

In order to treat scars effectively we attempt to fully understanding the effect the burn or scar has on our patients. Patients are often skeptical of having treatments on an area that is already scarred for fear that it will become worse. We always perform a patch test on the area first to see how the pigment takes to the scar.
The client must also bear in mind that on some skin colours and types there is also a risk of the skin pigment becoming darker in the area worked on hence a patch test is always required prior to the procedure.

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