Semi Permanent Makeup Training

Semi Permanent
Makeup Training


Exclusive Aesthetic provide semi permanent makeup training to the highest international standards in the Middle East.

Our Semi Permanent Makeup Diploma Course is aimed at beginners and teaches you to become an SPMU artist and technician able to work in any salon around the world. Our class sizes are kept to UK Harley Street guidelines of maximum 6 students per trainer and all our trainers are Harley Street London trained with a vast amount of experience both as trainers and performing procedures. This ensures the very best learning experience in the shortest time.

Exclusive Aesthetic perform industry leading procedures to the Middle East and now offer the same high standards in our micropigmentation training programs. We use the best equipment, are highly trained and deliver industry leading micropigmentation training throughout the Middle East.

What makes us different

Dedicated & Professional Team who will support you throughout your career.

The Highest Quality Training so you are able to provide your clients with eyebrow, eyeliner and lip liner semi permanent makeup.

A World Renowned Brand that you can trust.

International Trainers guide you all the way – you are our priority.

First Class Equipment choose according to your budget.

Full Back Up & Customer Support of a company that wants you to be the very best technician you can be.

Semi Permanent Makeup



A Masterclass of Excellence course in Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU) will teach you how to create perfect eyeliners, hairstroke, block and powder effect eyebrows and definition and contour outlines for lips. The course is a combination of theory, demonstrations and practical work on both practice skins and live models.

Who should attend?

This course is the starting point for individuals who either wish to set up their own cosmetic micropigmentation business or who would like to add to treatments offered at a salon or clinic. You do not need to have any prior experience or a beauty background but you must have a steady hand and the will to succeed. The course will take you from complete novice to a fully confident, certified practitioner.


We run a group course each month usually in the second week of the month. The course duration is 4 consecutive days from 10am to 4pm each day. Plus 1 further assessment day approx 8 weeks after. Please email for course dates.

Tuition timetable

DAY 1TheoryIntroduction and Theory of Semi Permanent Makeup & Colour. Plus Eyebrow technique demonstration.
DAY 2Practice & Theory - EyebrowsRecap theory and hands on practice of eyebrow techniques on synthetic skins and live models (if available).
DAY 3Practice & Theory - EyelinerRecap theory and hands on practice of eyeliner techniques on synthetic skins and live models (if available).
DAY 4Practice & Theory - LipsRecap theory and hands on practice of lip techniques on synthetic skins and live models (if available).
Certificate Awarded
Over next 8 to 12 weeksPractice and DevelopmentFollowing the course all students will need to develop a portfolio by documenting 9 case studies (3 of each, eyebrows, eyeliner & lips).
1 DAYAssessmentPresentation Of Completed Portfolio. Student demonstrates techniques on own model in front of trainer. Review and verbal test of your knowledge and understanding.
DIPLOMA QUALIFICATIONUpon successful completion of assessment the student will awarded internationally recognised diploma certificate.


Following the course all students will need to develop a portfolio by documenting at least 9 case studies. Once successfully completed you will receive your Masterclass of Excellence certificate and can launch your new career! You will receive a free listing on our website as a graduated student and be offered a paid listing on our Affiliate Programme where we can help to provide you with your first customers.

1 to 1 Tuition

We also provide 1 to 1 private training courses which are a lot more flexible so we can work around your preferred dates. These are just 3 day courses as you receive 100% of the trainers attention. Please contact us for details.

Please note: you will need to provide your own models for group courses and 1 to 1 courses.

What you will learn


  • Client analysis
  • Who are your clients
  • Managing expectations
  • Managing difficult clients
  • Client consent and follow up
  • Understanding your clients needs (Communication)


  • Anatomy of the skin
  • Layers of the skin
  • Anatomy of the face
  • Skin and cosmetic micropigmentation
  • How the skin heals and repair


  • What not to treat
  • Skin disorders and lesions
  • Scarring & side effects
  • Complications
  • Record keeping and documentation
  • Viral infections
  • Pain control techniques
  • Medical issues
  • Allergy testing


  • Prevention of infection and disease transmission 
  • Disinfection and sterilisation
  • Hygiene and personal protection
  • Biohazards protocols and local legislation
  • First aid
  • Blood borne pathogens (particularly hepatitis)
  • Rules, regulations and permits


  • What needles to use
  • Needle techniques
  • Needle safety
  • How to care for your machine 
  • Setting up your clinic
  • Essential equipment


  • Skin tone
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary colours
  • Identifying cool and warm undertones
  • How to change colours in the skin
  • Why colour is the key to success
  • Colour selection
  • Pigment science
  • Colour application and correction
  • Understanding pigments


  • How to sell cosmetic micropigmentation 
  • Advertising 
  • Open days 
  • Writing press releases

Hands on experience


  • General techniques
  • Eyelash enhancement
  • Kohl line 
  • Protecting the eye 
  • Initial design and preparation 
  • Special application techniques 
  • Eyeliner colours
  • Aftercare for the client 
  • Re touch procedures 
  • How to prevent corneal abrasions 
  • Stretches and positioning during treatment


  • Definition and techniques
  • Needle selection
  • Design and shape
  • Eyebrow preparation 
  • Perfect hairstroke application
  • Stretches and positioning during treatment
  • Aftercare for the client
  • Re touch procedures
  • Colour choices and mixes
  • Needle selection


  • Lip shapes and choices for the client
  • Colour theory for lips
  • How the lips heal
  • Lip outline
  • Lip colour wash and blend techniques
  • Stretches and positioning during treatment 
  • Aftercare for lips
  • Creating a stencil to work with
  • Natural looking lips
  • Darker intense colour lips
  • Colour choices and recipes for lips
  • Needle selection

Cost to train

25,000 AED

plus machine cost, choose one below.


Professional Medical Precision Plus machine Cost – 40,000 AED includes Starter Kit of consumables, see below.


Precision Plus Cosmetic machine Cost – 30,000 AED includes Starter Kit of consumables, see below.


Nano machine Cost – 20,000 AED includes Starter Kit of consumables, see below.

Starter Kit - Consumables

The machine cost includes a Starter Kit of consumables, enough to complete the training with a few items spare to get you started when qualified.

  • 20 x Needle cartridges
  • 10  x Pigments
  • 50 x Lancets 
  • 100 x Micro brushes
  • 4 x 1oz tubes of Aftercare cream
  • 1 pack of Disposable drawing sticks
  • 50 x Pigment pots
  • 10 x Celluvisc eye drops
  • 1 x Pigment stand
  • 1 x Sharps container
  • 1 x Roll of lead covers
  • 1 x tub Trigene wipes
  • 1 x roll Barrier film
  • 1 x box Gloves 
  • 25 x sets Paperwork forms

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