Semi Permanent Makeup by Candice Watson

Semi Permanent Makeup by Candice Watson

Semi Permanent Makeup by Candice Watson is available at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai Healthcare City and is to the highest industry standards in the Middle East.

Semi Permanent Makeup falls into our Cosmetic services and uses a process called Micropigmentation to implant pigment into the upper layer of skin (the Epidermis). Cosmetic Micropigmentation procedures are to the eyebrows, eyelids and lips and last for around 2 years in the Middle East. Treatments have been known to last up to 5 years in Europe where the exposure to the sun and UV rays is less.

Procedures include:

  • Eyelash Enhancement
  • Eyebrows – Natural, Dusting & Block
  • Eyeliner – top, bottom or both
  • Lip Line
  • Lip Blush
  • Full Lip Colour

All cosmetic procedures consist of a number of sessions – Eyebrows, Eyelash, Eyeliner and Lip Line 2 sessions and Lip Blush and Lip Colour 3 sessions. Each session is usually 3 – 6 weeks apart and allows the pigment to properly implant into the skin.

Semi permanent makeup by Candice Watson – LCAS Dubai Healthcare City appointments are Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 6pm (last appointment at 5pm) and must be made and confirmed in advance. We are currently testing a deposit system to eliminate no shows. If you decide to proceed the deposit amount is deducted from the treatment cost. 7 days notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Consultations are available as a paid 15-minute consultation booked into a time slot and a free informal consultation which is fitted around paid appointments.

Candice Watson, semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation expert, with almost 30 years experience performing semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation to the highest level. From the 1st September Candice will share her time between London Harley Street and Dubai Healthcare City.

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