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Perfect eyebrows

with Superior Microblading

Microblading Dubai is quickly becoming the must-have eyebrow treatment and is very popular in Dubai and the Middle East. However, we feel micropigmentation for eyebrows offers superior results. For this reason, we have launched our new Superior Microblading for eyebrows in Dubai. 

Our Superior Microblading for Eyebrows

Superior Microblading uses the tried and tested process of Micropigmentation to implant pigment into the brow line to achieve perfect eyebrows. Our eyebrow procedures last 2 to 3 years compared to standard Microblading, which lasts 6 months and is often more expensive than our superior system.

Why our process?

  • – Superior Microblading lasts for 2 to 3 years (standard Microblading lasts for 6 months max)
  • – Superior Microblading is cheaper
  • – We are expert international Micropigmentation specialists with 35+ years’ of experience
  • – Micropigmentation is not a fad, it is THE process of perfecting eyebrows

Candice Watson

Candice Watson performs all procedures to the highest standards in the Middle East. Candice has 35+ years of experience performing micropigmentation in the UK, Dubai and internationally. Candice’s skill at micropigmentation is unparalleled, and her commitment to being the best ensures her procedures are to the highest industry standards.

Eyebrow looks available

Natural Hairstroke – Superfine needles apply pigment to mimic individual hair. A very natural look.

Dusting – A flush of colour through the brow, creating a soft wash with subtle definition.

Block – Heavy filled-in eyebrows. Popular with those wanting a pronounced eyebrow.

Why us?

Exclusive Aesthetic is the Micropigmentation Specialist in the Middle East, offering a complete range of Micropigmentation treatments to the highest level. Candice Watson leads Exclusive Aesthetic’s team. Candice Watson is an international award-winning micropigmentation specialist with 35+ years of experience performing micropigmentation procedures and training to the highest level. Micropigmentation treatments are available for men and women of any age. We only use the best Micropigmentation machines finely tuned to cause less trauma to the skin. Less trauma means our treatments are as pain-free as possible.

Industry Expert Candice Watson

Candice Watson Micropigmentation Experts Dubai Middle East Exclusive Aesthetic

35+ Years Experience

Candice Watson is one of the best in the world of micropigmentation, offering industry-leading procedures and training in Dubai and the Middle East.

UAE Business Awards Winner

Award-Winning 5-Star Service Micropigmentation Experts Dubai Middle East Exclusive Aesthetic

Multi Awards Winner

We proudly announce Exclusive Aesthetic are UAE Business Award winners for two consecutive years.

Our UAE awards include Best Specialist, Best Trainers and Best Scalp.

What our clients say

Perfect eyebrows with Candice Watson! I am so happy I chose Candice for my eyebrow treatment.




Candice is the best at eyebrows! I overplucked my brows and I constantly used a pencil to add definition. Now I don’t need my eyebrow pencil!



Abu Dhabi

Useful information

Treatment Appointments

Dubai appointments are available Saturday to Wednesday, 9 am to 6 pm C37, Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Treatment Licensing

All Dubai procedures are performed under the DHA licence at C37, Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and conform to the highest medical standards.

Looking for a training course?

Candice now offers several micropigmentation training courses in Dubai, including Semi Permanent Makeup, Advanced Eyebrow and Lip techniques, Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation. See our range of micropigmentation training courses HERE.

Our sister company, Exclusive Aesthetics Technical and Occupational Skills Training, provides training at various locations in Dubai and around the Middle East.

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