Is Microblading that good?

By Candice Watson, International Micropigmentation Specialist – Dubai, London & New York.

Note: Candice Watson performs micropigmentation, including semi-permanent makeup (SPMU), to the highest level. Micropigmentation is a tried and tested technique for inserting pigment into the skin and was first used over 25 years ago for semi-permanent makeup.

Candice Watson writes: In my opinion, the new Microblading technique offers far inferior results and is a very poor substitute for the machine method of micropigmentation used for semi-permanent makeup.

For the last 6 months or so, I have had a steady one or two clients come to me for removal or correction of their “new & amazing” microblading eyebrows because they look so bad. Of course, technicians can’t please all people all of the time; however, last week, I had 7 clients for the removal of microblading eyebrows! All of whom had gone to the same specialist, Brow Salon (I won’t mention the name), and were disappointed with the results.  All were very upset at having paid quite a hefty sum for something that was not what they wanted and looked very poorly done.

The technician who performed the microblading had initially gone from telling them that she had 15 years of experience (very unlikely given that microblading is only 18 months old) to her later admitting that she didn’t really know how to draw brows on!!!

Microblading technique is a very poor substitute for the machine method of micropigmentation used for semi permanent makeup.

Candice goes on to say: Now, 1 or 2 clients not being happy per week is accepted, but when it’s 7 in the same week, there is something seriously wrong! I [Candice Watson] have to point out yet again that microblading is not a good method for semi-permanent eyebrows! Just because something that failed totally 15 years ago has been given a new name does not mean it will work 2nd time around!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are the very odd few people, mainly in Europe that can give a lovely result with microblading, these people are usually highly skilled with many many years of SPMU training behind them. But even then, the results cannot be guaranteed and, after a few months, will either spread or fade out unevenly.

Due to the nature of how microblading is applied, you CANNOT get an even and precise implantation of pigment. The treatment relies solely on the technicians hand so unless they have the same constant pressure and speed in every hairstroke they apply (which is impossible) you will not get the results that you get from a good quality machine. High-end, quality semi-permanent makeup machines are designed to place pigment at the same depth and with the same consistency of power throughout the whole treatment, and if you add an experienced technician, you will get the best results. The pigment has to be applied at an exact depth to ensure the pigment does not migrate (spread) within the skin and to ensure the pigment lasts for a certain period of time.

I cannot stress enough, and I say it every day to the unfortunate clients who come to me for removals and corrections, THIS IS YOUR FACE! It’s not just a haircut or a bad set of nail extensions that can grow out in just a few weeks; it’s there for a long time on your face! Why do people continue to search for a ‘cheaper’ way to get their eyebrows done? Again, if it is cheaper (for whatever reason), then you need to ask yourself why. The answer I guarantee will be because you are getting an inexperienced technician or someone who is using cheap and poor quality products. Don’t be fooled by any other reason, and please, please stop with the microblading craze and pursue cheap treatments!

Candice Watson performs corrections and removals of poorly done semi-permanent makeup treatments, including micropigmentation treatments for eyebrows.

Candice then comments, “The clients then have to go through the added time and expense of having it all removed and re-done again correctly. Removals cost around 1500 AED per session, and due to the scarring caused by microblading, 3 or 4 sessions are often required. Then, eyebrows are reapplied using semi-permanent makeup costing 3,000 AED. As you can see, seeking cheaper treatments is not always the most cost-effective”.

Candice Watson has over 35 years of experience performing semi-permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation to the highest level. Candice is a true expert and, from the 1st of September, will be based in London on Harley Street and will travel to Dubai and New York once a month for appointments.

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