Expert Semi Permanent Makeup Available in Dubai by Exclusive Aesthetic

Expert Semi Permanent Makeup Available in Dubai by Exclusive Aesthetic

Candice Watson offers expert semi permanent makeup at Dubai Healthcare City and London Harley Street. Candice has over 35 years of experience in micropigmentation including semi permanent makeup treatments and training courses. Candice is a qualified trainer of semi permanent makeup and advanced micropigmentation techniques including medical micropigmentation.

Candice is a true expert in micropigmentation and launched her Dubai-based company Exclusive Beauty in 2009. More recently, Candice launched her new company Exclusive Aesthetic to offer expert semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation treatments to both men and women in Dubai and the UK.

Semi permanent makeup uses a process known as micropigmentation to implant pharmaceutical-grade non-permanent pigments into the epidermis layer of the skin. The exact shallow depth the pigment is implanted is crucial to allow the pigment to be expelled over a few years hence the name “semi permanent”.

We offer the full range of semi permanent makeup treatments, including the very popular eyebrow enhancement, eyeliner top and bottom, lip liner, full lip colour and lip blush.

Appointments must be booked in advance and are available at Dubai Healthcare City. A booking fee is required to secure an appointment and to help eliminate no-shows. If you proceed, the deposit amount is deducted from the treatment cost. Seven days notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Consultations are available as a paid 15-minute consultation and a free 5-minute informal consultation.

Candice Watson micropigmentation expert with 35 years of experience performing semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation to the highest level. From the 1st of September 2016, Candice will share her time between London Harley Street and Dubai Healthcare City. Candice also offers training courses in Dubai and the UK. Please contact us for more information by emailing

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Is Microblading that good?

Is Microblading that good?

By Candice Watson, International Micropigmentation Specialist – Dubai, London & New York.

Note: Candice Watson performs micropigmentation including semi permanent makeup (SPMU) to the highest level. Micropigmentation is a tried and tested technique for inserting pigment into the skin and was first used over 25 years ago for semi permanent makeup.

Candice Watson writes: In my opinion the new Microblading technique offers far inferior results and is a very poor substitute for the machine method of micropigmentation used for semi permanent makeup.

For the last 6 months or so I have had a steady one or two clients come to me for removal or correction of their “new & amazing” microblading eyebrows because they look so bad. Of course technicians can’t please all of the people all of the time however last week I had 7 clients for removal of microblading eyebrows! All of whom had gone to the same specialist Brow salon (I won’t mention the name) and was disappointed with the results.  All were very upset at having paid quite a hefty sum for something that was not what they wanted and looked very poorly done.

The technician who performed the microblading had initially gone from telling them that she had 15 years experience (very unlikely given that microblading is only 18 months old) to her later admitting that she didn’t really know how to draw brows on!!!

Candice goes on to say: Now 1 or 2 clients not being happy per week is accepted but when its 7 in the same week there is something seriously wrong! I [Candice Watson] have to point out yet again that microblading is not a good method for semi permanent eyebrows! Just because something that failed totally 15 years ago has been given a new name does not mean it will work 2nd time around!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are the very odd few people, mainly in Europe that can give a lovely result with microblading, these people are usually highly skilled with many many years of SPMU training behind them. But even then the results cannot be guaranteed and after a few months will either spread or fade out unevenly.

Due to the nature of how microblading is applied you CANNOT get an even and precise implantation of pigment. The treatment relies solely on the technicians hand so unless they have the same constant pressure and speed in every hairstroke they apply (which is impossible) you will not get the results that you get from a good quality machine. High end, quality Semi Permanent Makeup machines are designed to place pigment at the same depth and with the same consistency of power throughout the whole treatment and if you add to that an experienced technician you will get the best results. Pigment has to be applied at an exact depth to ensure the pigment does not migrate (spread) within the skin and to ensure the pigment lasts for a certain period of time.

I cannot stress enough, and I say it every day to the unfortunate clients who come to me for removals and corrections, THIS IS YOUR FACE! It’s not just a haircut or a bad set of nail extensions that can grow out in just a few weeks; it’s there for a long time, on your face! Why do people continue to search for a ‘cheaper’ way to get their eyebrows done? Again, if it is cheaper (for whatever reason) then you need to ask yourself why? The answer I guarantee will be because you are getting an inexperienced technician or someone who is using cheap and poor quality products. Don’t be fooled by any other reason and please please stop with the microblading craze and pursuing cheap treatments!

Candice Watson performs corrections and removals of poorly done semi permanent makeup treatments including micropigmentation treatments for eyebrows.

Candice then comments “The clients then have to go through the added time and expense of having it all removed and re done again in the correct way. Removals cost around 1500 AED per session and due to the scaring caused by microblading often 3 or 4 sessions are required. Then eyebrows are reapplied using semi permanent makeup costing 3,000 AED. As you can see seeking cheaper treatments is not always the most cost effective”.

For more information on Microblading please see our earlier article HERE.

Candice Watson has almost 30 years experience performing semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation to the highest level. Candice is a true expert and from the 1st September will be based in London on Harley Street and will travel to Dubai and New York once a month for appointments.

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Micropigmentation – advantages & benefits

Micropigmentation Dubai UAE – advantages and benefits

Micropigmentation Dubai UAE is a form of cosmetic tattooing that fades and disappears after 2 -3 years. Non-permanent pigments achieve this with a specific micron count implanted at a specific depth into the skin. This is the main and crucial difference between permanent tattooing, usually associated with body art tattoos.

The most common form of Micropigmentation is Semi Permanent Makeup, followed by Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation.

Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, uses micropigmentation to implant pigments to mimic makeup in the popular areas of the face. Treatments include eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, lip colour and lip blush. Eyebrows are enhanced and reshaped or repaired. Eyeliner is applied as a very subtle lash line or varying thicknesses depending on the individual’s request. Lips can be redefined and given the illusion of a fuller look.

Eyebrow procedures range from individual hair strokes for a very natural look to a dusting shadow powder effect. Whichever look is chosen, the eyebrow can be transformed into a work of art, framing the face and giving you a dramatic or natural and soft eyebrow. Eyeliner can be applied as a subtle eyelash enhancement or a dramatic smokey, sultry eye! Lips can be defined with a simple natural outline or coloured to cover dark lips or give a lipstick effect. The more recent techniques, such as Latino eyes, a glitter eyeshadow effect, and 3D lips or eyebrows, are for the more advanced technician and can give you an amazing look that lasts!

The look and shape are drawn using an eyebrow pencil before applying any pigments. Pigment tone and colour are mixed and applied to the client’s requirements.

Medical Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation Dubai UAE and Medical micropigmentation use the same non-permanent pigments to conceal skin damage or imperfections. The most popular treatments are Scar Removal & Concealment, Tattoo Removal, Vitiligo, Alopecia and Areola Reconstruction.

Scar Removal

For scar removal, a Micropigmentation Dubai UAE process called MCA and Dry Needling is performed on the scar to activate the body’s natural collagen beneath the skin. This flattens the scar and, in most cases re pigments the scar to look like the surrounding undamaged skin.

Skin Camouflage

If repigmentation does not occur through MCA and Dry Needling, then Skin Camouflage is required. Skin Camouflage uses non-permanent pigments to match the skin tone to camouflage the area and make it look like the surrounding skin.

The same Skin Camouflage technique can also be used wherever there is pigment loss to the skin, so is very beneficial to Vitiligo sufferers.

Areola Tattooing

Micropigmentation is used for Areola Tattooing post-surgery. People who have had a breast reduction and the nipple is removed or breast cancer sufferers and the nipple must be removed. Areola tattooing uses micropigmentation to implant pigments to create a fake areola. A natural 3D look can be achieved by applying light and shadow tones.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal uses the same micropigmentation machine and needles; however, the pigment is replaced with a specially formulated removals cream. This cream attaches to the pigment and is naturally expelled from the skin over a few weeks. As the cream is expelled, the pigment is expelled with it.

Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair & scalp Micropigmentation Dubai UAE is becoming a very popular procedure to conceal baldness or redefine hairlines. The pigment is applied to the area of baldness to mimic short stubs of hair at the skin level resulting in a look of more dense hair at the root level. This procedure is very effective for people with short hair.

Who can benefit 

With so many procedures available, a wide number of people could benefit. Semi-permanent makeup is very well suited to anyone who wishes to save time with their morning makeup routine or for people with sporty and active lifestyles. Medical micropigmentation provides exceptional results for scar removal, Alopecia and Vitiligo sufferers or who have had chemotherapy for cancer and lost their eyebrows and lashes. Whichever procedure you choose, you should always do your research and find the best specialists available. Knowledge and experience are an important factors, so please choose wisely to avoid costly corrections or removals.

Article provided by Candice Watson of Exclusive Aesthetic. Candice has 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, 25 of which specialise in Semi Permanent Makeup, Medical Micropigmentation and Scalp Micropigmentation. Exclusive Aesthetic is the micropigmentation specialist in the Middle East, offering micropigmentation procedures to the highest level. Exclusive Aesthetic also offer KHDA-approved micropigmentation training to industry-leading standards.

For more information on any of the above, please get in touch with

Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training

Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training by Candice Watson

How Much! I can get cheaper training at other places! We hear this statement a lot when people inquire about our semi permanent makeup training.  

Cheap semi permanent makeup training is the same as cheap anything, you get what you pay for. Yes, of course, you can get cheaper, for example, you can buy a second hand Toyota Yaris at a much cheaper price than a new Ferrari, both will get you from A to B but which is the better quality car?   Our training is not the cheapest however we do adhere to UK Harley Street training guidelines mainly to have 1 trainer to a maximum of 3 students. We offer expert training that lasts a few days and when we say a day we mean 8 hours per day. We have researched other training programs and who offer 12 or 24-day courses but only train 2 hours per day.   There are a few questions you should ask when seeking a cheap semi permanent makeup course in order to ensure you are adequately trained to perform a procedure to the face that could last for 3 – 5 years and if performed incorrectly could be permanent or cause irreversible damage to the skin.   1. Will you be trained with the most up to date products and equipment? 2. Will you get the knowledge from someone who has been in the industry for 25 years? 3.Will, you actually be able to go out and perform semi permanent makeup treatments feeling confident and that you know all you need to know about semi permanent makeup to run your own business? 4. Will you receive a certificate that is recognised in the area you are living and working?   I can guarantee if you are looking for a cheap semi permanent makeup course and someone offers a course for 10,000 or 15,000 AED then the answer to the majority, if not all of these questions will be NO!  

Candice Watson Micropigmentation Expert to the Middle East.
Candice Watson Micropigmentation Expert to the Middle East.

How can I be so sure? It’s not because we want to overcharge for our training, it’s because I too (Candice Watson) was a student once and sort training for semi permanent makeup and unfortunately back when I was training the story was the same, there were good and bad trainers and courses and of course I did the same, I went for the Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training. After attending several different courses and a massive amount of money to learn what I should have learnt in just 1 good course, I found the right trainer, she was the most expensive of all but guess what, I learnt everything I needed to know and if I had just gone to her in the first place I would have saved myself a fortune and a lot of time and effort. Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training is not the best route for training If you go for a cheap semi permanent makeup course then the training you receive will be poor quality with bad products and limited or no knowledge. Knowledge is everything in the semi permanent makeup industry.   You are not just doing someone’s hair or nails where if it goes wrong it’s not really a big problem because the area will grow back. Semi Permanent Makeup implants pigments into a person’s face and mistakes will not grow back or wash away! The best training is essential so one has the correct skills to apply pigment that will last for up to 5 years in western countries (2-3 years in the Middle East) and if would-be students do not agree with this then they should not be considering being trained in the first place. Offering semi permanent makeup carries with it a responsibility to every client to adhere to the strictest guidelines and industry standards, if this is not the aim of the student then please do something else.   Every day I have clients come to me for corrections or removals of another person’s poor semi permanent makeup treatment, many are in tears because they have had such a bad treatment done and many of these treatments have been done by technicians that profess to also train in semi permanent make up! It never ceases to amaze me that with a procedure that is tattooing pigment to last up to 5 years on a person’s face people still go for the cheapest offer and will still want to get trained with the cheapest company!  

Think sensibly when you are choosing a cheap semi permanent makeup training course. Semi permanent makeup should be addressed professionally. If you want cheap you will easily find a Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training course however the knock-on will be the great new career you think you have chosen will fail because your customers will demand their money back and will not come back to you for another treatment and even worst still will tell all their friends about the poor procedure and they will tell their friends until no one wants a treatment with you. Of course here in the UAE, it only takes one complaint for the authorities to take action against the salon and therapist so train wisely and adhere to the rules and guidelines for semi permanent makeup. Think before you book a cheap semi permanent makeup treatment and only train with the best.

Exclusive Aesthetic, in partnership with Wellbe Solutions offers industry-leading semi permanent makeup courses. Our trainers have all worked and trained on Harley Street, London and have many years of experience performing micropigmentation procedures to expert standards. Our full semi permanent makeup training courses are approved by the KHDA and are recognised worldwide.

Our starter masterclasses offer the basic semi permanent makeup areas and are much more affordable than you might think.   For more information please see our training section of our website HERE or email  

Insist on the best and not a Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training course!

Natural looking semi permanent makeup

Natural-looking semi permanent makeup

by Candice Watson

Semi permanent make up can look very natural if done correctly.

Semi permanent makeup is the process of implanting non-permanent pigments into the upper layer of the skin. The depth the pigment is implanted is crucial to allow the pigment to be expelled from the skin. Too deep and the pigment becomes permanent; too shallow and the pigment does not take to the skin.

Exclusive Aesthetic performs natural looking semi permanent makeup to the highest standards in the Middle East. Our team of specialists are from the UK and is trained to master level in all aspects of micropigmentation, including semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation. Insist on the best treatments available.

At Exclusive Aesthetic, we are seeing an increase in clients wanting their makeup to look natural. To accommodate this we use specialist pigments in a large variety of colours, from subtle to vivid. Our specialists will advise of the colour to match your skin tone and your requirements and we always advise lighter tones as more can always be added.

Semi permanent makeup can last up to 3 years in the Middle East. Natural-looking Semi permanent makeup means you can leave the house in the morning without having to worry if your eyebrows, eyeliner, lip line or even your lip colour is applied correctly. Go to the gym, swim in a pool or go to the beach knowing your makeup is smudge-free and always perfect.

Our natural-looking semi permanent makeup procedures include:

Eyebrow Enhancement
Eye Line
Eyelash Enhancement
Lip Line
Lip Blush
and Full Lip Colour

All treatments are performed at LCAS, the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Healthcare City Dubai. To make an appointment, please complete the contact form on our homepage HERE.

We are also specialists in Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation. So whatever the reason for contacting us, we can help. For more information on our Medical procedures, click HERE. For Hair and scalp, click HERE.

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Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling

Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling

Exclusive Aesthetic offer Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling to Harley Street standards in the Middle East.

Exclusive Aesthetic offer Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling to Harley Street standards in the Middle East. Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling stimulates the body’s natural collagen beneath the skin to reduce the appearance of the scar. Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling also often naturally pigments the area to match the surrounding skin tone and colour.

Exclusive Aesthetic is the micropigmentation specialists to the Middle East. We offer the full scope of micropigmentation services to the Middle East including Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling and Scar Pigmentation.

We are steadily seeing more and more people asking for an effective way to hide and conceal scars and MCA and Dry Needling is the perfect procedure to improve a scars’ appearance.

One of the most common requests is how to hide scars from causes like old operations, burns and skin grafts as well as stretch marks. Surgeons and Doctors don’t really have the right answers when it comes to the question ‘how can I get rid of or diminish my scars’ some suggest cover-up makeup others say laser treatments (Laser does not work on scars) but very few doctors and surgeons know of or understand the treatment of MCA for scars. It is our aim to make MCA and Dry Needling the no.1 treatment for improving a scars’ appearance.

MCA is the newest and most effective treatment for all scars from skin grafts to burns to acne scars. It is safe, comfortable and provides great results. Exclusive Aesthetic are the leaders in the Middle East for this technique and we aim to help to educate the doctors and surgeons here in the benefits of this treatment. We know this will take time but hopefully, once they see the great results that can be achieved with this simple technique we will see the Middle East catching up with the U.K. And the rest of Europe in the treatment of scars.

Our unsurpassed treatments and techniques coupled with the most up to date class 2a medically certified machine are already in hundreds of hospitals including NHS hospitals and clinics in the UK, and Exclusive Aesthetic aim to provide the same here in the UAE and the Middle East.

If you have a scar and would like to improve its appearance to match the surrounding skin then please see our MCA and Dry Needling page on our website and use the contact form to contact us.

Candice Watson is our Micropipigmentation expert including advanced techniques and MCA and Dry Needling.

Exclusive Aesthetic is the Micropigmentatioon Specialists to the Middle East. Our services include Cosmetic, Medical and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation. Exclusive Aesthetic also are the only KHDA approved training centre for medical micropigmentation please contact us for more information on our training courses and seminars or see our Training Courses HERE.

Exclusive Aesthetic is part of Exclusive Beauty LLC, the Harley Street Specialist

Eyebrow Tattoo Dubai

Eyebrow Tattoo Dubai

Eyebrow Tattoo is available by Exclusive Aesthetic, the micropigmentation specialists to the Middle East.

Exclusive Aesthetic, formally Exclusive Beauty, is headed by Candice Watson and has delivered semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation treatments to the highest level in Dubai since 2009.

Eyebrow Tattoo as a name for a makeup procedure is slightly misleading. The word tattoo makes one think of permanent body tattoos and is assumed permanent body art pigments and machines are used to perform a makeup treatment on the face.

We find the thought of using a body art tattoo machine, needles and pigments for a makeup procedure horrific however it does happen. The results are the horror stories we have all heard about where a person went for the cheap deal and got “Spock” like eyebrows that turned blue or green after a period of time.

The correct process for applying pigment to Tattoo Eyebrows is called micropigmentation. Micropigmentation, when performed correctly, lasts for 2 to 3 years, therefore, we call our eyebrow treatments  Semi Permanent Eyebrow or Semi Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows.

The word Tattoo is misleading

We must emphasise – Even though the word “tattoo” is used for a makeup procedure on the face, the procedure must not be permanent like a body art tattoo. Cosmetic Tattooing should last for a number of years usually 2 to 3 years.

Our Eyebrow Tattoo treatment uses the latest micropigmentation machine, needles and non-permanent pigments to enable us to perform eyebrow tattoo to the highest level.

Micropigmentation machines can be adjusted to pierce the skin very precisely causing the minimum amount of trauma to the skin. Reduced trauma to the skin results in less pain. We also use a topical numbing cream resulting in our eyebrow tattoo treatments being likened to eyebrow plucking.

The needles we use allow adjustment of depth so the pigment is applied to the exact correct depth to ensure our eyebrow tattoo treatments are semi permanent lasting 2 – 3 years. However, in the Middle East, we recommend a top up every 12 to 18 months to keep the pigment colour looking fresh.

Exclusive Aesthetic and Candice Watson

Candice Watson
Candice Watson, Micropigmentation Expert.

Exclusive Aesthetic are the micropigmentation specialists to the Middle East. Candice Watson is our micropigmentation expert and leads our micropigmentation team. Exclusive Aesthetic’s procedures include Semi Permanent Makeup, Medical Micropigmentation including scar camouflage, areola reconstruction and tattoo removal and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation to conceal baldness and redefine hairlines.

To inquire about Eyebrow Tattoo or to make an appointment please contact us through our contact page by clicking HERE.

In addition to our industry-leading micropigmentation procedures, we also offer training courses in micropigmentation techniques including semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation.

For more details on Semi Permanent Makeup for Eyebrow Tattoo please click HERE.

For details on our Training for semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation please click HERE.

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Dubai Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai, UAE

Dubai Semi Permanent Makeup

Dubai Semi Permanent Makeup is available to industry-leading standards. Exclusive Aesthetic, the newly formed micropigmentation service division of Exclusive Beauty LLC, combine top training with the best micropigmentation machines, needles and pigments to ensure we deliver semi permanent makeup treatments to the highest standards in the Middle East.

Our treatments include eyebrow correction and application, eyeliner, top-bottom or both, lip liner and full lip colour and blush.

The most popular treatment area is the eyebrows, many of our clients want corrections to their eyebrow loom or a solution to sparse or over-plucked eyebrows. To appeal to a wider selection of people we offer 3 different looks for our Dubai semi permanent makeup procedures:

  • Natural Hair Stroke
  • Block
  • Dusting

Natural Hair Stroke is exactly as its name implies. A super-fine needle, the thickness of a single hair, is used to implant pigment beneath the brow line. Varying pigment colours are used to give a very natural 3D look as required.

Block is very popular with our local clients. The shape and look are first applied using an eyebrow pencil and this is agreed before pigment is applied. Once the shape and look are agreed, the outline is applied using pigment and then the inside area is totally coloured in to completely cover the skin.

Dusting is again one of our natural looks for eyebrows. A dusting needle is used to apply pigment in a dusting effect similar to brow powder. The result is a wash of colour beneath the brow.

Exclusive Aesthetic – the micropigmentation specialists to the Middle East

Exclusive Aesthetic are micropigmentation specialists to the Middle East offering Cosmetic, Medical and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation procedures to the highest level. Our micropigmentation services including our Dubai Semi Permanent Makeup

For more information on our services including Dubai Semi Permanent Makeup, please email us at

General information can be seen HERE.

More information on our eyebrow treatments can be seen HERE.

We also offer permanent makeup removals. If you have had a treatment by another practitioner and you would like to correct or remove it completely then our removals system is the best available. See HERE for more information.

Exclusive Aesthetic is part of Exclusive Beauty LLC, the Harley Street Specialists based in Dubai UAE. See HERE for Exclusive Beauty’s website.

Dubai: Eyebrow Microblading, is it new?

Eyebrow Microblading, is it new?

Eyebrow Microblading by Candice Watson of Exclusive Aesthetic – The Micropigmentation Specialists to the Middle East.

So Eyebrow Microblading is the newest thing, right? WRONG! Microblading is, in fact, older than you may think.

I remember doing a very similar technique to Eyebrow Microblading about 15 years ago and back then we called it Soft Tap which I was never sure why as results weren’t achieved with tapping softly! Nevertheless, Soft Tap was exactly the same method as Eyebrow Microblading is today – a plastic or sometimes metal hand-held tool with a various sized needle inserted into the end is used to slice the skin open and implant pigment.

Years ago Soft Tap went very quickly out of fashion with the introduction of micropigmentation machines. Micropigmentation machines are finely tuned to implant pigment exactly at the depth where it should be in order for the process to last 2 – 3 years. Even with the very best trained technicians the eyebrow microblading technique, due to its nature, will not achieve good lasting results. Microblading may look good, to begin with for a short time but then will quickly fade unevenly and migrate (spread) over time – the once-crisp hairlines will become fuzzy.

Here are a few obvious drawbacks to Soft Tap back in the day:

  1. Impossible to achieve a consistent and even penetration of the pigment as it is all done to the therapist’s hand skills
  2. More trauma is caused to the skin because of the delivery method
  3. Pigment has a much greater chance of being implanted at the wrong depth or migration due to poor application technique
  4. Results depend on how light or heavy-handed the technician is.

Microblading technicians claim that the results last for a few months however how can this be determined?  The time the pigment stays in the skin is down to the depth it is applied. Too shallow is less time, too deep and you get a permanent tattoo. The results of Eyebrow Microblading depend on how light or heavy-handed the technician is.

I have recently done several eyebrow removals on people who had Eyebrow Microblading in Dubai and there was certainly no sign of it fading. Clients complained of the look after 6 months of the initial application. In my opinion, the removal of Eyebrow Microblading is far more difficult to remove than normal semi permanent makeup for eyebrows which indicates the pigment was implanted deeper than it should and there was scarring to the skin caused by the blade creating too much trauma to the area.

but Eyebrow Microblading is so much cheaper than Semi Permanent Makeup!

I hear all the time “but Microblading is so much cheaper than semi permanent makeup!” Yes, of course, eyebrow microblading is cheaper because it is done with cheap equipment, it uses a cheap tool and blade!

We strongly advise you stick to a tried and tested method of micropigmentation and semi permanent makeup for you next eyebrow treatment. As always ensure you choose experienced and knowledgeable specialists. Maybe then you reduce the risks of having a bad treatment and hopefully ensure your treatment lasts more than a few months.

Semi Permanent Makeup by Exclusive Aesthetic

At Exclusive Aesthetic, we perform semi permanent makeup for eyebrows. Semi permanent makeup uses micropigmentation to implant pigment at exactly the correct depth for the pigment to be non-permanent lasting 2 – 3 years. We use the best micropigmentation machine, needles and pigment on the market to ensure the pigment line is the best it can be.

For more information please email us at

Exclusive Aesthetic, the micropigmentation specialists to the Middle East. Established in 2009 in Dubai, UAE offering semi permanent makeup treatments and medical micropigmentation to Harley Street standards in the Middle East.

We offer industry leading micropigmentation treatments for semi permanent makeup including eyebrows, eyeliner, lip line and full lip colour. Our medical micropigmentation procedures include Tattoo Removal, Vitiligo, Scar Removal and Hair & Scalp micropigmentation.

See our semi permanent makeup page HERE for more information and why you should choose semi permanent makeup for your next eyebrow procedure.

Insist on the best, insist on Candice Watson & Exclusive Aesthetic!

Semi Permanent Makeup Training 2016

Semi Permanent Makeup Training Dubai UAE February & March 2016

Semi-Permanent Makeup Training Dubai UAE – In this semi-permanent makeup training course, you will learn the basic skills required to become a semi-permanent makeup technician able to perform semi-permanent makeup treatments anywhere worldwide.

Course Level: Introduction to SPMU

What You Will Learn

Upon completing this course, you will know the basic requirements for applying semi-permanent makeup to eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Course skills taught – Balance of theory, demonstration and practical work, including consultation, accessing a client’s wishes, colour theory, application of pigments and aftercare.

Proposed Course Dates

These courses run throughout the year. The next available introduction to SPMU courses is scheduled for Sunday, 21st February, and Sunday, 6th March.

Introduction to semi-permanent makeup training dubai uae is a 4-day course with a 1-day assessment scheduled at about 6 weeks from the training course. During this time, you must practice the Semi Permanent Makeup techniques to show you can perform semi-permanent makeup to industry standards. If you fail the assessment, then you can retake the assessment after a further amount of time practising the techniques to be determined individually.

Course Dates for February and March 2016

Sunday 21st February – Wednesday 24th February 4 day course
1-day final assessment 10th April**

Sunday 6th March – Wednesday 9th March 4 day course
1-day final assessment Sun 24th April

How Do I Apply?

To express interest, please email

Exclusive Aesthetic is proud to offer micropigmentation training courses in the Middle East. We pride ourselves on using the best equipment, are highly trained and deliver industry-leading micropigmentation treatments throughout the Middle East.

Micropigmentation treatments to the highest industry standards

We are expert micropigmentation specialists providing micropigmentation treatments to the highest industry standards. Our cosmetic and medical procedures are performed to the strictest health, safety and hygiene requirements and adhere to the latest COVID-19 guidelines ensuring our clients are as safe as possible.

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