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Scar Camouflage Explained

Our Scar Camouflage procedure uses micropigmentation to implant pigments in to the surface of the scar to look the same as the surrounding skin. Some scars are raised or inverted however a scar must be flat before micropigmentation can be performed. In order to flatten a scar a course of MCA or Dry Needling is required. Scar Camouflage reduces a scar’s appearance and is very effective at concealing any scar type including burns, medical scars and scars through accidents.

Before scar camouflage can be performed it is vital the scar area is smooth and not raised or indented. Varying levels along the scars surface could cause variants in the amount of pigment entering the skin resulting in varying colours in the scar camouflage. To ensure the scar is as flat as possible we recommend a course of MCA (Multi-tripanic Collagen Actuation) and Dry Needling is performed prior to any pigment being applied. MCA or dry needling uses the same needle and micropigmentation machine however no pigment is applied. The dry needle technique smooths the scar surface by stimulating collagen beneath the scar allowing the scar to become more flexible and relaxed.

Optimum Scar Camouflage results are achieved when the scar is lighter than the surrounding skin. On occasions Scar Camouflage can also be used for scars that are darker than the surrounding skin colour however this must be done with great caution and several patch tests to ensure the colour does not turn darker.


As a very general guide a scar camouflage treatment will take between 1 and 3 sessions to perfect, however on larger areas this can increase. The time required also is dependent on the extent and type of scar tissue damage and if a course of MCA and Dry Needling is required.

Small, flat scars can be treated straight away with pigment and take the shortest time to complete.

Ideal conditions prior to treatment

For the best Scar Camouflage results the treated area should be area:

  • A minimum of 12 months old
  • Not noticeably raised or indented
  • Of smooth texture
  • Lighter than the surrounding skin

Skin patch test (SPT)

A Skin Patch Test (SPT) is required for all of our Medical Micropigmentation treatments including Scar Camouflage.

Skin Patch Tests play an important role in determining the pigment colours to mix to match your skin colour and tone. Skin Patch Tests are usually performed at the initial consultation and at least 4-6 weeks must be allowed after the patch test before a course of treatments can start.

Consultations are free however a charge is applicable for the patch test.

Pigments and colour mixing

Exclusive Aesthetic mix bespoke pigment colours tailored to each client’s skin tone and colour. The skin is not one colour therefore we mix a variety of colours and apply in a series of different coloured dots to mimic the natural look of the skin.

We adopt the latest techniques for Medical Micropigmentation and Scar Camouflage based on 20+ years of research at mixing colours to match skin tones.

An important note

Scar Camouflage patients also need to be aware thatoptimal results are acvhieved by the skin being as natural in colour as possible. Best results are achieved on skin with no sun tan. The patch test is also best applied to natural skin. Tanned skin can affect the prescriptive skin tone pigments. Tanned skin changes colour depending on exposure to the sun however micropigmentation pigments and scar camouflage pigments do not change colour, they fade over time as the are semi permanent and due to the depth they are inserted, however pigments can never match a changing skin tone.

Remember it is our goal to match the scar to the natural skin colour perfectly or as perfectly as possible.

Following the treatment the reverse will also apply as the treated area will not tan so minimal sun exposure must be applied especially if the scarred area is in an obvious position.

Exclusive Aesthetic, the Micropigmentation Specialists to the Middle East, offer industry leading Medical Micropigmentation procedures. We only use the best micropigmentation machine and pigments to ensure our Scar Camouflage and Medical Micropigmentation procedures look as they were intended for years to come. Feel more confident in our services knowing we only use the best to provide the best.

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