Microblading for Perfect Eyebrows

Traditional Microblading

Microblading is quickly becoming the must have eyebrow treatment and is very popular in Dubai and the Middle East. However, we as Micropigmentation specialists can see flaws in the process that ultimately means you pay more for Microblading and get inferior results.

Our Superior Microblading for Eyebrows

For this reason, we launched our own Superior Microblading eyebrow process which is part of our new Ultimate Micropigmentation range of services. Superior Microblading uses the tried and tested process of Micropigmentation to implant pigment into the brow line to achieve perfect eyebrows. Our eyebrow procedures last for 2 to 3 years whilst standard Microblading lasts for 6 months. Also from our research, in most cases, our Superior Microblading procedure costs less than a standard Microblading treatment from our competitors.

Why Our Process

  • – Superior Microblading lasts for 2 to 3 years (standard Microblading lasts for 6 months max)
  • – Superior Microblading is cheaper than standard Microblading
  • – We are expert international Micropigmentation specialists with almost 30 years’ experience
  • – Micropigmentation is not a fad, it is THE process for perfect eyebrows

Candice Watson

Candice Watson performs all Superior Microblading procedures to the highest standards in the Middle East. Candice has almost 30 years’ experience performing micropigmentation in the UK, Dubai and internationally. Candice’s skill at micropigmentation is unparalleled and her commitment to being the best ensure her procedures are to the highest industry standards.

Eyebrow Looks Available

Natural Hairstroke – Super fine needles apply pigment to mimic individual hair. A very natural look.

Dusting – A flush of colour through the brow creating a soft wash with subtle definition.

Block – Heavy filled in eyebrows. Popular with those wanting a pronounced eyebrow.

Want to know more

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