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Hair and Scalp Micropigmentation is the latest procedure in the world of Micropigmentation. The pigments and needles used for Hair and Scalp Micropigmentation are specially designed and manufactured to work on the scalp only. The micron count of scalp pigments is higher than face and body pigments used for cosmetic micropigmentation including semi permanent makeup. 

Hair and scalp micropigmentation is an effective procedure for both men and women who are suffering from a range of hair loss and scalp conditions from Alopecia to pattern baldness or hair loss due to scars and burns.

Single hair follicle or hair micropigmentation is very effective and a tried and tested method of implanting pigment into the scalp or other areas of the skin. For Male Pattern Baldness we create the illusion of a more dense head of hair with of a ‘shaven look’ with a defined and fuller hair line which is not achievable with other hair loss solutions.

Our hair and scalp micropigmentation procedures are designed to achieve natural looking results. Hair and scalp micropigmentation is cheaper than hair transplants and does not require surgery. Our pigments are specially formulated to be applied to the scalp to allow the pigment to remain in the scalp for between 3 and 5 years. A consultation is required for our hair and scalp micropigmentation procedures, we will assess your wishes and expected results and advise on  the correct treatment plan.

We expertly apply pigments to mimic short stubs of hair to achieve natural looking results.

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