We recommend Natural Hair Stroke for Alopecia

A very natural look using super fine needles applying individual hair strokes.

Ideal for people with Alopecia wanting a natural eyebrow look. The eyebrow shape is built up in layers of hair strokes to look as natural as possible. Varying colours of pigment can also be used to mimic the varying colours of your eyebrow. This is the most natural Semi Permanent Eyebrows treatment and is a must have treatment for Alopecia and anyone who would like perfect eyebrows with a natural look.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows uses a method called micropigmentation to implant non permanent pigments into the Epidermis layer of the skin. Implanting pigment into the upper part of the skin allows the pigment to be expelled over time hence the name, Semi Permanent Eyebrows. Semi Permanent Eyebrows are also occasionally called eyebrow tattoo and eyebrow micropigmentation.

Eyebrows play a vital part in the look of the face. Beautifully shaped eyebrows not only accentuate your eyes, they can add a lift to your face, making you look youthful. Often eyebrows loose hair and shape through age or over plucking. Semi permanent eyebrows offers an effective solution for people wanting to forget about the look of their brows.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows can last up to 3 years in the Middle East however we recommend a top up treatment every 12 – 18 months to keep the pigment looking fresh.

Expert Service by Candice Watson

Procedures are performed by Candice Watson who worked and trained on Harley Street London for many years before moving to Dubai in 2009. Candice's skill at applying advanced micropigmentation techniques is unparalleled in the Middle East. Candice Watson offers procedures at LCAS Dubai Healthcare City and LCAS London Harley Street. To make an appointment please complete the form below and we will send appointment details. Alternatively please call LCAS Dubai and we will take you through our booking system.

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Exclusive Aesthetic are the Micropigmentation Specialists to the Middle East. We offer semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation to industry leading standards. Exclusive Aesthetic was established by Candice Watson who has almost 30 years experience in the beauty industry and 20+ years specialising in medical micropigmentation and semi permanent make up treatments.

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