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Superior Results to Laser

Candice Watson

One of the Middle East’s Leading Tattoo Removal Experts

Candice Watson is one of the most established and trusted tattoo removal experts in Dubai with a happy client list spanning the entire Middle East.

As well as having over 30 years of experience, and winning numerous awards, all tattoo removals treatments carried out by Candice meet both Dubai Municipality and Ministry of Health Regulations – so you can rest assured that you are in expert hands.

The Best Tattoo Removal System

Our Tattoo Removal system is more gentle than laser with results visible over a much shorter amount of time and, we feel, far superior to laser tattoo removal.

A specially formulated removals cream is inserted in the skin, that attached itself to the pigment particles, and is then expelled from the body using the body’s natural defence system. Here are some of the main benefits:

Superior Results – We offer the best tattoo removals system with results that are far superior to laser tattoo removal.

Fewer Treatments – Most tattoos can be removed in 2 to 3 sessions.

Remove ALL Colours – Including red and green which is difficult with other removal methods.

Minimal Risk of Scarring – A minimal risk of scarring compared to laser removals. The treated skin still tans and hair growth is unchanged.

Gentle, natural method – Our Tattoo Removal procedure offers visible results in a much shorter amount of time and is a more gentle method of removing pigment from the skin.

Why Us?

UAE Business Awards Winner 2019

Best Specialist – Triple Award Winner

30+ Years of Experience

10+ Years in the Middle East

What our clients say

I had 2 removals sessions for my small black tattoo. After the first session, the tattoo looked almost gone. I’m very happy with the results. Sally – Dubai

I researched online and Candice and the Rejuvi method was the obvious choice. My tattoo was removed within 3 sessions. Mohamad – Abu Dhabi

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