Tattoo Eyebrows by Exclusive Aesthetic

Tattoo Eyebrows available at Exclusive Aesthetic, the micropigmentation specialists to the Middle East, based in Dubai, UAE.

We specialise in micropigmentation treatments including Tattoo Eyebrows, semi permanent makeup, medical micropigmentation and hair and scalp micropigmentation.

We use a variety of techniques to apply tattoo eyebrows. Non permanent pigments are implanted into the skin beneath the natural eyebrow hair line to mimic makeup or to mimic individual hair strokes. Our procedures can look very natural or as a block of heavy makeup, very popular with our clients from the Middle East.

Our eyebrow procedures include:

Natural Hairstroke Technique

Using super fine needles to implant pigment to mimic individual hair strokes. A very natural look for people who want a more defined brow but without a look of heavy makeup.

Dusting Technique

A flush of colour through the brow creating a very soft hint of colour with subtle definition – one of our most popular Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo procedures.

Block Eyebrows

Heavy filled in eyebrows – Very popular for those wanting a pronounced eyebrow. Pigment is applied to the brow line using a broad needle to cover totally the skin beneath the brow.

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