Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training

Exclusive Aesthetic Micropigmentation Experts. Candice Watson with 35+ years experience. Dubai, Middle East, and the UK.

Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training by Candice Watson

How Much! I can get cheaper training at other places! We hear this statement a lot when people inquire about our semi-permanent makeup training.  

Cheap semi-permanent makeup training is the same as cheap anything: you get what you pay for. Yes, of course, you can get cheaper, for example, you can buy a second hand Toyota Yaris at a much cheaper price than a new Ferrari, both will get you from A to B but which is the better quality car?   Our training is not the cheapest; however, we do adhere to UK Harley Street training guidelines, mainly to have 1 trainer to a maximum of 3 students. We offer expert training that lasts a few days; when we say a day, we mean 8 hours per day. We have researched other training programs that offer 12 or 24-day courses but only train 2 hours daily.   There are a few questions you should ask when seeking a cheap semi-permanent makeup course in order to ensure you are adequately trained to perform a procedure to the face that could last for 3 – 5 years and, if performed incorrectly, could be permanent or cause irreversible damage to the skin.   1. Will you be trained with the most up-to-date products and equipment? 2. Will you learn from someone who has been in the industry for 25 years? 3. Will you actually be able to go out and perform semi-permanent makeup treatments feeling confident and that you know all you need to know about semi-permanent makeup to run your own business? 4. Will you receive a certificate that is recognised in the area in which you are living and working?   We can guarantee that if you are looking for a cheap semi-permanent makeup course and someone offers a course for 10,000 or 15,000 AED, then the answer to the majority, if not all, of these questions will be NO!  

Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup training is not the best. Exclusive Aesthetic offers semi-permanent makeup training to the highest standard.

How can we be so sure? It’s not because we want to overcharge for our training, it’s because I too (Candice Watson) was a student once and sort training for semi-permanent makeup and unfortunately back when I was training the story was the same, there were good and bad trainers and courses and of course, I did the same, I went for the Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training. After attending several different courses and a massive amount of money to learn what I should have learnt in just 1 good course, I found the right trainer, she was the most expensive of all but guess what, I learnt everything I needed to know and if I had just gone to her in the first place I would have saved myself a fortune and a lot of time and effort. Cheap semi-permanent makeup training is not the best route for training. If you go for a cheap semi-permanent makeup course, then the training you receive will be of poor quality, with bad products and limited or no knowledge. Knowledge is everything in the semi-permanent makeup industry.   You are not just doing someone’s hair or nails where if it goes wrong, it’s not really a big problem because the area will grow back. Semi-permanent makeup implants pigments into a person’s face and mistakes will not grow back or wash away! The best training is essential so one has the correct skills to apply pigment that will last for up to 5 years in Western countries (2 to 3 years in the Middle East), and if would-be students do not agree with this, then they should not be considering being trained in the first place. Offering semi-permanent makeup carries with it a responsibility to every client to adhere to the strictest guidelines and industry standards; if this is not the student’s aim, then please do something else.   Every day I have clients come to me for corrections or removals of another person’s poor semi-permanent makeup treatment; many are in tears because they have had such a bad treatment done, and many of these treatments have been done by technicians that profess to also train in semi-permanent makeup! It never ceases to amaze me that with a procedure that is tattooing pigment to last up to 5 years on a person’s face, people still go for the cheapest offer and will still want to get trained with the cheapest company!  

Think sensibly when you are choosing a cheap semi permanent makeup training course. Semi permanent makeup should be addressed professionally. If you want cheap, you will easily find a Cheap Semi Permanent Makeup Training course; however, the knock-on will be the great new career you think you have chosen will fail because your customers will demand their money back and will not come back to you for another treatment and even worst still will tell all their friends about the poor procedure and they will tell their friends until no one wants a treatment with you. Of course, here in the UAE, it only takes one complaint for the authorities to take action against the salon and therapist, so train wisely and adhere to the rules and guidelines for semi-permanent makeup. Think before you book a cheap semi-permanent makeup treatment, and only train with the best.

Exclusive Aesthetic, in partnership with Wellbe Solutions, offers industry-leading semi-permanent makeup courses. Our trainers have all worked and trained on Harley Street, London and have many years of experience performing micropigmentation procedures to expert standards. Our full semi-permanent makeup training courses are approved by the KHDA and are recognised worldwide.

Our starter masterclasses offer the basic semi permanent makeup areas and are much more affordable than you might think.   For more information, please see our training section of our website HERE or email  

Insist on the best and not a cheap semi-permanent makeup training course!

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Natural looking semi permanent makeup

Exclusive Aesthetic Micropigmentation Experts. Candice Watson with 35+ years experience. Dubai, Middle East, and the UK.

Natural-looking semi permanent makeup

by Candice Watson

Semi permanent make up can look very natural if done correctly.

Natural looking semi permanent makeup. Perfect everyday makeup lasting up to 3 years. Insist on the best in the Middle East!

Semi permanent makeup is the process of implanting non-permanent pigments into the upper layer of the skin. The depth at which the pigment is implanted is crucial to allow the pigment to be expelled from the skin. Too deep and the pigment becomes permanent; too shallow and the pigment does not take to the skin.

Exclusive Aesthetic performs natural-looking semi-permanent makeup to the highest standards in the Middle East. Our team of specialists are from the UK and is trained to master level in all aspects of micropigmentation, including semi-permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation. Insist on the best treatments available.

At Exclusive Aesthetic, we are seeing an increase in clients wanting their makeup to look natural. To accommodate this, we use specialist pigments in a large variety of colours, from subtle to vivid. Our specialists will advise you on the colour to match your skin tone and your requirements, and we always advise lighter tones as more can always be added.

Semi permanent makeup can last up to 3 years in the Middle East. Natural-looking Semi-permanent makeup means you can leave the house in the morning without having to worry if your eyebrows, eyeliner, lip line or even your lip colour is applied correctly. Go to the gym, swim in a pool or go to the beach knowing your makeup is smudge-free and always perfect.

Our natural-looking semi permanent makeup procedures include:

Eyebrow Enhancement
Eye Line
Eyelash Enhancement
Lip Line
Lip Blush
and Full Lip Colour

All treatments are performed at LCAS, the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Healthcare City Dubai. To make an appointment, please complete the contact form on our homepage.

We are also specialists in Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation. So whatever the reason for contacting us, we can help.

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Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling

Exclusive Aesthetic Micropigmentation Experts. Candice Watson with 35+ years experience. Dubai, Middle East, and the UK.

Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling

Exclusive Aesthetic offer Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling to Harley Street standards in the Middle East.

Exclusive Aesthetic offers Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling to Harley Street standards in the Middle East. Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling stimulates the body’s natural collagen beneath the skin to reduce the appearance of the scar. Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling also often naturally pigments the area to match the surrounding skin tone and colour.

Exclusive Aesthetic is a micropigmentation specialist in the Middle East. We offer the full scope of micropigmentation services to the Middle East, including Scar Removal using MCA Dry Needling and Scar Pigmentation.

We are steadily seeing more and more people asking for an effective way to hide and conceal scars, and MCA and dry needling are the perfect procedures to improve a scar’s appearance.

Exclusive Aesthetic Micropigmentation Experts. Candice Watson with 35+ years experience. Dubai, Middle East, and the UK.

One of the most common requests is how to hide scars from causes like old operations, burns and skin grafts as well as stretch marks. Surgeons and Doctors don’t really have the right answers when it comes to the question, ‘How can I get rid of or diminish my scars’ Some suggest cover-up makeup, and others say laser treatments (Laser does not work on scars), but very few doctors and surgeons know of or understand the treatment of MCA for scars. It is our aim to make MCA and Dry Needling the number one treatment for improving a scar’s appearance.

MCA is the newest and most effective treatment for all scars, from skin grafts to burns to acne scars. It is safe and comfortable and provides great results. Exclusive Aesthetic is the leader in the Middle East for this technique, and we aim to help educate the doctors and surgeons here on the benefits of this treatment. We know this will take time, but hopefully, once they see the great results that can be achieved with this simple technique, we will see the Middle East catching up with the U.K. And the rest of Europe in treating scars.

Our unsurpassed treatments and techniques, coupled with the most up-to-date class 2a medically certified machine, are already in hundreds of hospitals, including NHS hospitals and clinics in the UK, and Exclusive Aesthetic aims to provide the same here in the UAE and the Middle East.

If you have a scar and would like to improve its appearance to match the surrounding skin, then please see our MCA and Dry Needling page on our website and use the contact form to contact us.

Candice Watson is our Micropipigmentation expert including advanced techniques and MCA and Dry Needling.

Exclusive Aesthetic is the Micropigmentatioon Specialists to the Middle East. Our services include Cosmetic, Medical and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation. Exclusive Aesthetic is also the only KHDA-approved training centre for medical micropigmentation. Please contact us for more information on our training courses and seminars or see our Training Courses HERE.

Exclusive Aesthetic is part of Exclusive Beauty LLC, the Harley Street Specialist

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